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Why you should buy Stock Images?


The somewhat overused phrase “a picture paints a thousand words” is often used in marketing to illustrate the need for good images to sell a product. The best way to sell anything is to give it the space and opportunity to sell itself. A well constructed image showing the product at its best, preferably solving whatever problem it’s designed to solve will sell infinitely more than any clever description. This is one of the worst kept secrets in web design, which is why most e-commerce websites are image heavy.

Benefits to Buying Stock Agency Photos

Instant Download and Time Savings

Stock photos, images and illustrations are ready for immediate download and only few steps needed to make this happen. If you are registered with any of the stock photo agencies, you can get free subscription and credits to download photos immediately. You will get tons of variety of stock images and photos similar to your needs to choose from. It not only provides you the variety, but high quality images which enhances the look and feel of your design.

High Quality Images

Stock photo agency’s reputations are based on the quality of their images. All of the images in their collections are reviewed for content, quality and uniqueness. You will get only high quality unique images in different sizes and can purchase them according to your requirements.

Vast Selection

If you go for stock photo agencies, you will get a millions(8 to 15 million) of images in their database. These agencies and their databases have sophisticated search engines to help find the right image quickly according to your search terms. If you have memberships in more that one stock photo agencies you’ll have even greater change of selection. Every agency has their stock photography collections where unique photos are highlighted.

Relate readers with the Topic

One look at the stock photo, the readers can immediately grasp your idea. They can easily relate to the topic in your post. They can check if it is their line of interest or not. But, your goal should be to let everyone read your post, even if they are not that interested to it.

Visual Appeal

Your website looks more appealing if you use high quality images or stock photos. It will add beauty and color to your site which will be more pleasing to the eyes of the readers and would encourage them to read your post.

Makes the Design more Attractive

If your website is well-designed and adorned with pictures, more people will be interested to read your posts. It will look more inviting and they will surely enjoy searching and reading the content. By maintaining the quality posts, you may turn the visitors into regular readers.

Support Photographers and Artists

Stock photo agencies offer photographers a marketplace to sell their images and protect their work. If for no other reason than to help support photographers and artists make a living and create work that not only moves you, but makes your work jump off the page, it’s worth the extra effort to use a stock photo agency.

No matter how much one will disagree, we really cannot deny the fact the stock photos are relevant for websites. It enhances the site’s beauty and could make reading a lot easier. But we should also bear in mind that although images are important, we also need to read the text in order to really get the details of the post. So, it is important to read the contents no matter how many words the picture has painted.

What do you think of stock photos used for a website’s content?

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