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The Fourth of July is coming. All Americans are welcoming the celebration and commemoration of their country’s independence day. The historical day is one of the most celebrated days in United States, so we know that it will be very festive. Americans are in joy because of the freedom that they can have and at the same time commemorating the history of their beloved country.


In the Independence Day, people usually spend their time with their family or friends. Some of them love to go outdoor to feel the festive atmosphere. It can be said that most of the people celebrate the day by having picnics, reunions, barbecues, carnivals, parades, games, fairs, and etcetera. The most common Independence Day symbol that we can see is the American flag. Its design is displayed in all possible ways and can be seen in front of homes, buildings, and other public places. Other symbols associated with Independence Day are the famous Statue of Liberty in New York, and not to forget the fireworks which will be viewed all over the United States.

In the past, some people also showed their joy in celebrating Independence Day by sending greeting cards to their acquaintances and relatives. However, now in the modern era, this kind of activity has been surely replaced by e-greeting cards which are being easier to be sent thanks to the existence of social media. Besides that, the advance of technology has also made it possible to create or design our own greeting cards. All we need are a little creativity, particular simple software, and images.

Depositphotos is one of the best choices that you can rely on when you need quality images with low prices. With the images collection from Depositphotos, you can compose great greeting cards and even use some of the templates that you can easily find there, like in the example below.

Basic RGB

American flag in plastic style From

Besides that, you can also get 20% discount for Independence Day themed stock photography and vector which are available in their Independence Day special lightbox. This lightbox now contains 373 great Independence Day stock images, but its number will surely increase every day; so you will always have a lot of choices. Here are some examples of the Independence Day images with discount that you can get in Depositphotos.

Usa flag eye

Usa flag eye From

Basically, the stock images available in Depositphotos are very affordable, but with the special discount for this occasion, you can surely save some more green. Just check the latest subscription plans and prices for more information.

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