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Owning an e-commerce store is a hard task to manage. You need to keep an eye on products, shipment, payments, distribution, clients, and so much more.

They say that devil is in details though, and it’s true. Look through the list of most harmful for e-commerce and yet common UX failures that kill the design of your webstore and destroy your potential profit.

Don’t boost competitors, add mobile layout!

There is no mobile version of your webstore. You think it’s not an issue? Let’s take a closer look at it.

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Statistics pretty obviously shows that you really need to think about the mobile version of your site.

The first and the worst mistake you could make here is not optimizing your site for mobile devices. You may need to develop a separate layout for your mobile store to make it clear and convenient to use and avoid another killing mistake.

Please, use responsive design. You really don’t want the elements on your site look crippled and cover one another or just cut out half of site content. For one it doesn’t look good and what’s more such design drives visitors away from your site once and forever. Corrupted mobile view of a store can withhold potential customers from visiting the desktop version.


Long forms are killers.

Long registration (and other) forms are annoying, that’s a fact. But on mobile devices those forms are just killing! Putting in lots of text info using a screen keyboard of a smartphone is really time-consuming, customers won’t bother doing it. It’s easier for people to find your competitor that doesn’t make them fill in such forms.

Poor navigation scares customers away.

Try to recall your own experience. It surely happened when during a 5-minute brake you wanted to use time wisely and order some product or service using your smartphone. Wasn’t that irritating when you found something really good but was unable to view the site because of mass of active elements on the page? You tried to tap a button or a link and accidentally touched something else; you tried to go back and it took you elsewhere, and so on. Finally you’ve found yourself unsatisfied, with no goods or service, and your brake was over by the time. Sounds familiar? Make sure your customers will not experience that same thing. Give enough space for links and buttons. It’s also good to put a static element (text or picture) in-between clickable zone, to be absolutely sure that a visitor won’t fall into the rabbit hole of random navigation.

To make a process of browsing through your webstore comfortable and easy, just keep in mind one simple mantra:

Navigation is a path from home page to checkout through the desires products.

Poor site navigation, unintuitive categories and a bunch of links stuffed together are frustrating, and a visitor will likely leave your shop without going further than the home page.

UX failure amazon back in 2001

Amazon.com had very poor navigation back in 2000

Pictures sell!

Positive presentation of product and thus the whole brand is a key to customer loyalty and high sale rates. The matter is that in online stores customers can’t feel, touch or smell a product, so merchants should help to overcome that non-sensitive hurdle. How? With the help of images, of course! Usually a person surfs through multiple stores before taking the final decision and making a purchase. Small and non-detailed pictures are not helpful there. Users need to be accurately informed about what you offer.

In a perfect world you would hire a professional photographer to work with your products, but if you don’t have the resources to do so now, take native vendor pictures and just get a skilled graphic designer to make them look good with the main theme of your site.

Keep in mind a couple of tips:

  • Use color swatches to show all the variety in stock;
  • Large pictures (larger than most images on your site) can attract clients’ attention to something specific;
  • Humanize your products! Use pictures to demonstrate how comfortable it is to run in your snickers or how cozy is your sofa;
  • First capture gazes, than call to action.Ralph Lauren store

Without image optimization you lose search ranking.

Images should load fast. Apart of improving user experience it also boosts SEO ranking. Be sure to include tags and short descriptive metadata. It allows Google image search successfully pick up your pictures and raise you in search results. It’s an easy but not so obvious way to drive more traffic to the store.

Don’t ask questions, just sell.

Too much information required at the checkout can bring a negative impact to your sales. Customers can fall in love with a product but abandon it in the cart. Why? Mainly because of an uncomfortable checkout. Only vital information should be asked there, it saves visitors’ time and gets a step closer to the desired item without additional fuss. You may also consider turning down required registration: more steps and unwanted e-mails don’t feel right to customers and might drive them away.

Also be sure that a customer is aware of product price, existing discounts and shipping cost before coming to the checkout page. Any difference between expectations and actual paid value may cause abandoned cart and negative experience.

UI and UX are not the same

Many designers don’t pay attention to the fact that user intelligence and user interface are not synonyms. Many great features can be implemented into a site to make it look cool and modern, but it is not always a benefit.

Good user experience is keeping balance of all possible features and the necessary minimum of them. This is really not an easy thing to do, so try to think like your visitors, test your store and don’t be afraid to change things when you notice that something just isn’t right!

About the Author

Written by Dariya Bogretsova (dariya.bogretsova@amasty.com) – a devoted marketer whose goal is to make knowledge and modern trends benefit the business. She currently works at Amasty, a provider of top-class Magento extensions and services.

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