Take Your WordPress Site to New Level with These Useful Hacks

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Being an active user of a WordPress powered website, it’s important for you to stay in touch with all the gimmicks that help you raise the quality bar of your website. Due to the changing Internet habits and customers, it has become a necessity for the online businesses to focus on improving the potential of their website and make it truly distinctive.

The great thing about WordPress is that it provides a myriad of ways to customize it and thus meeting the ongoing needs of business as well as its customers. If you know your way around some logical tips, you could easily improve the quality of your website and give it a competitive advantage.

In this post, we’ll be focusing on some tried and tested methods and ways of getting the most out of your WordPress site. All the tips are easy to understand and will surely help you influence the fortunes of your website.

Choosing a Reliable Domain Name


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Getting a reliable domain name is a crucial step towards giving a solid support and foundation of your website. During the initial stages, the users need to struggle a bit to find an address which ensures to give benefits to their website, but once they grab it, it becomes quite easy to lay a strong foundation for their website. Having a standardized domain name is helpful for influencing social media and search engine ranking of a website.

Having Accurate URLs

(Image Source: Vr-squared.com)

(Image Source: Vr-squared.com)

It’s a good practice to keep an eye on the structure of your URLs. Properly formed URLs and free from displaying 404 errors and invalid characters. You can go about it by simply adding the following code in esc_url()function:

$my_url = ‘http://myxyzwebsite.com/?awesome=true’;

$url = esc_url( $my_url );

Adding Google Buzz Share Button

As an extension of the service provided by Gmail platform, Google Buzz makes it easy for its users to share photos, links, videos, update status through their Gmail account. The buzz is an important feature and has contributed to a great extent in providing leading web-based email services worldwide with the record of 176 million visitors.

Fixing the Issues When a Post Goes RSS

There are times when you suddenly observe that there are some mistakes in your post after finally publishing it. It’s quite easy to fix such errors, but it’s already too late for your subscribers- as your post has gone live and has got published their RSS feeds.

There is no need to worry about. You can still fix such errors and edit your live post. All you need is simply add the following code in your functions.php file.

Invite and Retain The Interest of Users on Your Website

Building a website isn’t enough unless until you really put some serious efforts to attain maximum website traffic. For this, you need to take steps for letting the Google know what your website is all about and where it is exactly located. You need to provide guidance to your users to access your website and develop means to retain their interest. Further, make sure to keep your content as fresh and updated as possible. Visitors generally feel confident in reading an updated article and positively look forward to read the future content that website has in its store for them.

Using Solid Plugins

(Image Source: Gonetbusiness.co.za)

(Image Source: Gonetbusiness.co.za)

WordPress is praised for its ability to give a range of some top-notch plugins that help you enhance the overall appearance and performance of your website. The plugins are a great way of improving SEO and also the security of a website. They extend the capabilities of a website and give it an added edge.

However, while choosing a plugin there are certain things one needs to consider. First of all, the plugin must be compatible with the existing version of the website, it has the ability to block spams, WordPress hacks or anything which causes a threat to its existence.


Discovering the capabilities of your website and using it intelligently is extremely crucial to give it an advantage over its competitors. Once you get the grasp of the above mentioned tips, you can direct your content management efforts on the subject that matters to you and to your customers most.

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