Top six reasons why people fear SEO


Marketing services change as business landscape changes.

We have a lot of strategies in the past that we can still use nowadays but will hardly give sales or profit for a business, in short, it might be very ineffective.

New trends in marketing and advertising have been introduced to business people to aid this fast changing landscape. However, there are some who continuously believe that the old ones are still the better practice, which might not true in our present case.

Based on the data presented by the Office for National Statistics last August 31, 2011, 77 per cent of households in the world had/have internet access. This only provides us a clear picture of how things are done and being dealt with. Everyone is in the cyber space, everybody uses the internet.

With this, businesses should realize how powerful the internet is and all the marketing and advertising services it produced from the past and in the present. SEO services should be on the top of their lists.

However, there is a great dilemma on the utilization of this service. “Why should I use that?”, “Would that really benefit me and my business?” There are lots of questions, hesitations, doubts and misconceptions. We listed here some of the major fears businessmen have, that kinda’ hinder them to be optimized.

  • What should be my expectations?
    Since SEO is new for many of us, we do not really know how it works. What is its prime purpose and who can actually use it. Simple, everybody who owns a site needs the assistance SEO can provide, especially now that the competition is too high, we can’t afford to be left behind.
  • It’s hard to trust doing business online.
    This is clearly understandable. People have the innate nature not to trust people easily. Why not do background checking? Or research about that specific SEO provider? You might get mouthful of valuable information that will tell you who should be trusted and who shouldn’t.
  • It’s too technical.
    They said everything about SEO is technical and cannot be understand by lame people. I’m telling you, no it’s not. Search engine optimization is only about 15-20% technical. The rest requires a marketing approach. Think about it, if you are trying to get rankings in the search engines don’t you have to put yourself in your audiences shoes and anticipate what they search for, what they read and what they want to see on your website? That requires a marketing hat.
  • It’s costly.
    Well at first glance, it is, but not all. If you are to search for SEO provider online you will see others who offer low SEO fee. You just need to be wiser in choosing a provider. And if $400-$600 (the usual rate of SEO in the Philippines) is too expensive for you, I’m assuring you that the result you will get from the campaign is worth paying for.
  • They might change a lot in my website.
    A true SEO provider will be very frank if your site needs a total revamp or just a little tweaking. This is part of every SEO service, to change things if necessary. If there will be some changes, I’m sure the SEO company will notify you and your suggestions will be taken in consideration. No worries, these changes are for your site’s sake.
  • I don’t believe in SEO.
    Yes you might not believe in this process now but try looking and reading articles and blogs of business people, also, try understanding the purpose of the service, these will open your mind to a lot of opportunities. Remember, SEO sells itself once explained correctly.
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