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Johan Reinhold - Shoot Me Down Website Design-homepage-designs-2014

Most of us will agree to this point that our personality speaks about us before we do. In the same way, the home page of a website acts like a mirror. It is basically a display of the products or services that a company provides. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the business people to create a website, which defines the exact purpose of your business and attracts the visitors towards it. Top 10 homepage designs 2014

Create an intriguing home page designs to appeal potential audience:

The prime motive behind building a fabulous home page is to display your work and grab the attention of your audience. For this, it is imperative to create a home page that showcases display thumbnails of the portfolio in an impressive way to allure visitors to go through more pages. This allows the business owners to earn more clients or customers. But, they must remain focused on their concrete goals to create the best design for their front page layout.Top 10 homepage designs 2014

If a well-designed home page may become a deciding factor to compel the visitors to return to your website, then a badly designed site also creates a bad impression and discourage people to come back to the website. You must be prepared to define the purpose of your website and its benefits to the customers, if you fail to do so, then you cannot compel the visitors to come back.Top 10 homepage designs 2014

Here is a list of the most appealing home page designs 2014 that will continue to spread their charm throughout the year:Top 10 homepage designs 2014

With a superb screen shot of the product, this website is a wonderful example of simple, yet alluring home page. In order to get started with the free trial, a form has been included straightly on the front page.



It is an ideal platform for the couples to create their custom wedding website. A nicely designed home page of this website exhibits all the essential elements. Great headline, exclusive product visuals and amazing Call-To-Action have been incorporated in the website perfectly.Top 10 homepage designs 2014



The headline on its modern home page design “A Perfect Fit” entices people and makes them curious to get more knowledge. Other pages “Learn More” & “Contact Us” are designed in a way that they people want to know more about the website.Top 10 homepage designs 2014

Eighty 8 four


The company is aware of the significance of displaying what they do and who they are! The home page explains the entire work environment via relevant videos and images.Top 10 homepage designs 2014


The web design of this company is extremely modern with a neat Call-To-action. The images and visual effects have been used in an effective way to let the visitors comprehend how the offered products prove to be useful for them.

Johan Reinhold – Shoot Me Down Website Design

The simple and influential design of this website sets an example. The path to select the preferred MP3 in order to download or listen to the songs has been shown quite clearly.Top 10 homepage designs 2014

Johan Reinhold - Shoot Me Down Website Design

Without creating any sort of bias, this website welcomes everyone. The home page has been designed remarkably with the perfect contrast displays, powerful Call-To-Action and other features.

Hungarian Wine Society

For wine lovers, it is the best platform as the home page of this website includes all the aspects based on wine such information on wine making, types of wine, selling, etc. The free delivery service has also been showcased in order to capture attention of the visitors.

Hungarian Wine Society


The home page has been designed simply, but it is enriched with ample features to captivate the visitors’ attention. It perfectly features all the services and makes the viewers aware of the different services without taking too much time.



This WordPress service provider has accurately exhibited its services on the front page. The client testimonials section has been designed in a way that it proves to be inspiring for the visitors.



There cannot be a better solution than comprehending your visitors and helping them achieve their goals. If your front page is striking enough to give a reason to your audience to come back to the site, then you can expect a great success for your business. Make sure that you choose a wonderful design and informative content for the website.Top 10 homepage designs 2014

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