Useful Tips for Successful Ecommerce Website Design


E-commerce is one of the booming businesses today, despite of the current downfall of financial market. The main goal of all e-commerce sites is to help the online customers to easily make online purchase. A good e-commerce website should be designed in such a way that it will be able to lead the visitor to the desired page with minimum number of clicks. Efficient website designers and developers appreciate the necessity of understanding the nature of targeted audience, for whom they design and create the websites or the applications. There are certain other rules that should be followed for successful e-commerce website design.

Vital elements for e-commerce website design:

It is really important to understand the basics of online shop design for achieving success in e-commerce website development. The crucial elements of an effective online shop are as follows:

  • Product catalogue: This is the primary necessity for an online shop. Each item in the catalogue should have its own page with product description, pictures, delivery option etc.
  • Shopping cart: This is required for saving the items, which the customer wants to purchase, before finally proceeding for the online transaction.
  • Search facility: This is for searching a desired item with suitable keywords.
  • Check-out: This should have delivery options and payment gateway for online transactions through credit/ debit card or option for cash on delivery.
  • Back-end system: This is very important for managing available items, setting price, online transactions and processing of shipment.

Following are some tips for web designers to stay on top of web designing and development trend:

Localisation of small businesses

With the extensive spread of online businesses in different countries of world, localisation of businesses has become much significant. This should be done according to language, ethnicity, culture and preferences of local businesses, which target at specific niche audience. This will pave the way of more personalisation, where the users will be able to experience and enjoy more one-to-one interaction with the shop owner. For this purpose, more intelligent algorithm is expected for predicting which product or service will entice which segment of users.


Online businesses have realised the requirement to integrate mobile services for their business, as more people today rely on internet browsing from mobile devices. Responsive web design is proved to be more effective for creating better mobile websites.

Interactive product display

Product images are no more sufficient to earn customers’ confidence. Video demonstration of a product is more effective for a customer to judge it. Also, sharing of product video in YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites is an intelligent market strategy today.

Quality content:

Exclusive content with good amount of information is still the ruling factor for appealing greater number of visitors to a website. E-commerce web sites should engage a team of skilled experts for developing SEO friendly content to enhance user experience.

More security for payment process:

Online brands are looking for garnering more trust and reliability of the customers through one-page payment method. E-commerce sites should lay more stress for safer payment methods.

Finally, for successful design and development of e-commerce websites, online retailers should adopt suitable strategies that suit their business motives. This will ensure better brand loyalty, earning more confidence from both the existing and newly acquired consumers.

Guest Post by Stella Holmes takes a lot of interest in reading and writing about e-commerce website design, responsive website design and web design related stuffs. In her leisure time, she reads website design tutorials to know the new trends.

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