PSD to HTML5 CSS3 Tips to Create a Fascinating Website

psd to html5 css3 tips

Our life has been severely changed due to internet, which is an amazing tool and we can’t even think of living without it. Today! Almost everything is relying on it from professional to personal. Earlier, there were very less number of websites in the market so it was given due importance, but nowadays it is not so special as everyone is having their own websites. Ten years back, the design of the websites was very simple together with no complications. But, now everything has changed. Several new dimensions have been appended. There are two well-known names HTML5 and CSS3 with which everyone is well familiar. They play an essential role in creating the state-of-the-art websites.psd to html5 css3 tips

psd to html5 css3 tips

Basic Introduction of HTML5

HTML5 is an advanced markup language and a core technology of the internet, which is the fifth revision of the HTML standard. It was released in 2011 in the market with bad results in the browsers in the beginning, but now maximum browsers are performing excellent with it.psd to html5 css3 tips

This language performs well with CSS3 and its newer versions are increasingly arriving at regular intervals. This language strictly abides by the rules of W3C, which consistently add several features to enhance performance.psd to html5 css3 tips

What is CSS3?

The performance of CSS is excellent when it is used with the markup language. In 1998, CSS2 came into existence, but due to the rapid evolution of internet the need for CSS platform development also increased. So, after 12 years of hard work, CSS3 was launched, which is termed as the first stable version of CSS that was multi-platform compatible.psd to html5 css3 tips

According to me, there is a broad scope of development for the two. Now, the question arises why to use only these two languages when we are having many more other languages? There are numerous advantages, which I felt during working with these languages that are as follows:

Less Coding

less code html5 css3

You will encounter that the website is developed with minimum coding as compared to other technologies. You will also take into account that maximum portion of the coding has been automated by the manufacturers. Clean and semantic coding is implemented by HTML5 that is useful for the search engine crawlers to index the website, which is designed by you.psd to html5 css3 tips

Audio/Video Settings

audio video settings html5 css3

There is a lot of difference in the modern day websites and the websites which were there a decade back. There is a lot of content in the modern day websites in the form of audio and video. Although, you have to use the third-party applications such as flash for combining these audio/video files, but you can do it easily with the help of HTML5.psd to html5 css3 tips

Space for Online Storage

The biggest plus point of both the languages is the inbuilt space for caching mails, images, texts and other contents that exists on the local system that might be of some use during the time of browsing the sites in the offline mode. The connection can also be reestablished with the help of this cache.psd to html5 css3 tips

Customization Options

psd to html5 css3 customization

During the time I was working with CSS3, I got a special feeling that I can completely control the presentation of the website together with enhancing its looks according to the way I want. CSS3 is a robust language with the help of which stock page elements can be easily configured according to your wish inside the website.psd to html5 css3 tips

The above-mentioned information is very much useful for all of us in order to create an excellent online attractive websites together with responsive content. Summarizing, HTML5 and CSS3 are the two most important technologies that are very much essential for every developing web designer among all.psd to html5 css3 tips

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Jennifer Adam is a skilled web developer at HTMLPanda, which is well-known to provide the best PSD to HTML5 Conversion services. She likes to share his innovative ideas and knowledge through blogs and articles that are very useful for the developers.



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