Pretty Photo Border by Using Color Halftone Filter in Photoshop


In this tutorial we will learn a Pretty Photo Border in Photoshop. To achieve this goal we will share some information about Color Halftone Filter, Gaussian Blur, some useful shortcuts and tips.

Get Source JPG Image: meerab.jpg

Step 1:

We are having a JPG image “meerab.jpg” with 500px width and 400px height.  This will appear in Photoshop as Background layer.

Photo Border in Photoshop

Background Layer is locked by default. Some features are disabled like move and some can apply like filters. In this tutorial no need to unlock this layer otherwise if you need just have a double click on the layer then New Layer dialog box will appear with name “Layer 0”. We can use other options as well. For example Right Click on layer and choose the option “Layer from Background”. Then you can have simple raster layer.

Step 2:

Add New Layer by using “Create a new Layer” button at the bottom of the Layer palette.  Or you can use shortcut key “Ctrl + Shift + N”. Give any suitable name by double clicking on layer name which is Layer 1 by default (DM, in this tutorial).

Photo Border in Photoshop

Step 3:

Fill this layer with white color. Shortcut key is “Ctrl + Backspace” to fill Background Color.

Tip: If Foreground and Background colors are not default one, just press “D”.

Step 4:

Select Rectangular Marquee Tool, Shortcut key is “M”. Important point is selection inside the working area with balanced spaces with outsides.  So select whole area.

Photo Border in Photoshop

Go to “Select” menu, choose Modify then contract and I have used value 40px. You can have accordingly. The result after 40px contract will be like this

Photo Border in Photoshop

Photo Border in Photoshop

Step 5:

Fill inside this selection with Black Color. Shortcut key is “Alt + Backspace”.

Photo Border in Photoshop

Step 6:

Convert this (DM) layer to Smart Object. Right Click on Layer and select “Convert to Smart Object”.
The benefit of this conversion is to get easily editable “Smart Filters”.

Photo Border in Photoshop

Step 7:

Apply “Gaussian Blur” by choosing Filter Menu and then Blur Option. I have used 12px value.

Photo Border in Photoshop

Step 8:

Apply “Color Halftone” Filter by choosing Filter Menu then Pixelate Option. I have used “Max. Radius” 11px and “Screen Angels” for all channels 45.

Photo Border in Photoshop

Step 9:

Set Blending Mode for the Layer “Screen” then you will get your final result.

Photo Border in Photoshop


You can have some variations by changing the values in Smart Filter section under layer which is converted to Smart Object. Some examples are here

In Step 8, Maximum Radius 5px will give this result.

Photo Border in Photoshop

In Step 8, Maximum Radius 20px will give this result.

Photo Border in Photoshop

This will be the result with angel 90 and Maximum Radius 20px

Photo Border in Photoshop

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