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In this tutorial I will show you how you can create a nice background effect.  This effect is nice especially for personal pictures and works in combination with a hip image like this very well.

Image Source: Alexander Yakovlev 13395920 –

Step 1

First, we must separate the woman from the background, so that we can later put in between the color effects.

That is, first, the young lady be exempted. We can do this with the path tool or the Extract filter.

Important: Work on the duplicate copy of the image.

It is not necessary to release the hair meticulously, because we will duplicate the exempted image and later put on the background layer.

That is to say: Cut hair shine through the background and by the loss does not fall on too much.

Here the final result after post-crop:

Step 2

After we released the woman must be checked whether it lies above the 1:1 woman from the background level. In general, this is the case if you have not accidentally move it.

Now we can start with a few brushes (color: white) to create between the background level and one woman contour.

The brushes that I used in this tutorial come from

Brushes can be loaded via the Edit> Preset Manager.

Selection Brush (Brush tool [B]) and right click on the image, then opens the corresponding window.

Diverse set of brushes in white, each brush to the next level (if it is to be revised later).

Step 3

Not too much background color , otherwise the effect seems fake and overloaded

At this level, it also uses the Brush tool and paint with the desired color on the areas of the underlying brush layer.

Color redraw:

Here is a before/after view with white brushes and later with the color overlay:



The level must be set the layer mode to Overlay.

Step 4

The rest is basically a matter of taste, I mean: Use the brushes and paint as you may think of harmony. The star was placed directly behind the woman and not in color.

Have fun building your own pictures.


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