Key Elements to Contemplate While Selecting a WordPress Theme

Simple and Intuitive Navigation

Having too many choices than required can make us feel overwhelmed, and increases the level of uncertainty regarding the choice we need to make. The same is the case with WordPress themes. With a dozen of themes available online, choosing the right one can give you a hard time. Moreover, you’ll need to put extra efforts in finding a suitable theme for your website.

Key Elements to Contemplate While Selecting a WordPress Theme

Whether you’re developing a WordPress theme on your own, or want to take up WordPress theme development, there are a few important considerations that can help make the process of choosing a WordPress theme easy for you.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most important elements you should consider when selecting a theme.

1. HomePage Layout

A well-designed homepage layout plays a crucial role in the success of a website, since it is the first page that your customers will land on when they’ll visit your site. And thus, your homepage can help in making a first great impression on your visitors.

HomePage Layout

So, make sure that the theme you’re about to choose contains a beautifully designed homepage layout. Howbeit, do keep in mind that the layout of the homepage should be clean and clutter-free. This can be achieved by picking a WordPress theme that does not contain too many design elements.

Choosing such a theme will help your visitors to focus entirely on what all: homepage has to offer. Most importantly, you no longer would have to worry about your visitors getting distracted by heavy graphics.

2. Simple and Intuitive Navigation

You may have spent quality time in creating a great website layout – that is captivating enough to grab attention quickly. But, your time and efforts will go in vain if your website will be difficult to navigate.

Simple and Intuitive Navigation

Remember that navigation menu is just like the signboard on the street that help users in reaching their destination. Thus, you should choose a WordPress theme that features a simple to use and intuitive navigation.

3. Effective Typography

Typography has become a key element of good web design. Good typography is very important for maintaining balance in the content and design elements of a website. There are several typography elements that can make a huge impact on the look and feel of your website. Some of those elements are fonts, links and headings.

Effective Typography

So, while searching for a WordPress theme, be sure to look for the one that make use of beautiful and modern fonts. That’s because, the fonts you use on your website can influence how visitors reads the text displayed on the site.

Additionally, also make sure that your choice of WordPress theme boasts a good color contrast, proper space in between lines of text, and right amount of whitespace.

4. Organized Comments Section

Another aspect you need to consider when picking a theme is that it should contain an organized comments section, especially when you’re running a WordPress powered blog. This is because many people often judge blog posts published on a WP site based on the comments.

Organised Comment Section

Having threaded comment sections allows readers to view how many people have commented on a blog post or see if someone has replied to the comment(s) or not. Remember that how the comments section is arranged will vary from one theme to another.

For example, the Prana WordPress theme supports a basic threaded comment section that appears on the left side of the posts. On the other hand, Going Green WordPress theme make use of enlarged boxes containing a comment block. Irrespective of the theme you’ve chosen, you might find a slight difference in the way your comments section looks. So, make sure to adjust it according to your preference.

5. Footer Area

Footer area is the most overlooked element of a theme, however, it can help you connect to your visitors by providing them with good information about your business and its offerings. And so, you should choose a theme that contains a footer area with links, including sitemap, profile or contact information, and other important links.

Footer Area

However, be sure that the footer does not contain more than requirement links and instead it should be simple.

It would be better if the theme you’ve handpicked provide a few options that enables you to change the style of your footer links. This will help make your footer area in-sync with your website design.

Wrapping Up!

There are thousands of WordPress theme out there – that helps setup a WordPress powered site or blog in a matter of a few seconds. But, choosing the right theme among the sea of options can make your head spin. However, you can pick a suitable theme for putting up your website taking some of the key elements into account. Ranging from homepage layout, to navigation, to comments, etc. – there are many elements that can make or break your site.

Through this post, we’ve covered 5 of the most crucial website elements that you must consider when choosing a WordPress theme.

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Ava Garcia is a passionate WordPress developer, working with OSSMedia Ltd- WordPress development Outsourcing company. She also likes to share her knowledge about latest advancements in the field of WordPress development. Her write-ups have proved to be utmost beneficial for aspiring WordPress developers.

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