Google Penguin: A Success And An Update


Duane Forrester (often thought of as Bing’s Matt Cutts) has offered some tips for recovering from Google Penguin and Panda updates, or at least avoiding getting hit by them. While he never mentions “Google” in the post, the post is titled “Penguins & Pandas Poetry,” and is largely about diversifying your traffic sources.

Some says updating of the Google Penguin is a disaster but, according to Google it would rather be a big hit …

Matt Cutts confirmed at Search Engine Land:

Penguin update

Naturally, there were few cases of bugs (false positives) but much less than for updates or Panda Florida, said the head of Google spam.

What about those weird Results?

The official Viagra site wasn’t listed, while hacked sites were. An empty web site was listed for “make money online,” and there were reports of other empty sites ranking well. Scraper sites were reported outranking the sites they scraped.

How could Penguin be a success with these types of things happening?

The best sites were penalized those who used techniques for linking up solid or against the engine rules.

Google says that there is no need to make a request for reconsideration, because the penalty will automatically jump all alone if the algorithm deems necessary.

Side of the coin: the updating of the robots is not done continuously but rather on certain dates. You will therefore be patient.

Seroundtable wrote that there would be possibly an update in progress as of yesterday May 13, and some sites have already recovered the lost positions.

How to get rid of bad non-desired backlinks?

This is probably the hardest part, more than creating the backlinks. The best method is to write to the webmaster of the site to remove the links to your website. The biggest challenge here, aside from the annoyance of having to send all of those link removal request emails, is to find people to receive them. You may have better luck finding contacts with some blogs, especially those selling paid reviews, or link space independently.

The clean up later on may be worse than just getting high quality links from the beginning.

Google Penguin graphics: a summary

The image below shows what were the impacts of the Google Penguin Update April 24, 2012:
Penguin Update

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