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What are Facebook smileys?

They are little emoticons one could add to his chats to create emotions. The purpose of using Facebook smileys is to create emotion to our chats. Emoticons are smileys. The word emoticon is derived from two words. One is ’emoticon’ and the other is’ icon.’ Smileys have helped Facebook so much that it is now one of the biggest social networking websites in the world. Facebook has done so through some of its hidden emoticons which people search for in big numbers everyday.

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How do we create emotion – raising Facebook smileys?

One way is to use your computer keyboard. By striking some keys on the keyboard you will make certain smileys. Let us look at a few examples.

I’m sure lots of you use the well-known Facebook, and Im sure many of you are familiar with their new little chat system they have put into play. One thing they dont show, is the CODES to put smiley’s in your text… so Im going to show them to you! smiles

List of Default Facebook Emoticons, Smiley Faces for Chat, Messages

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How do we position Facebook smileys in our chats?

Facebook smileys are best positioned immediately after the sentence in which the emotion we want to express is found. If put elsewhere, Facebook smileys will not effectively express the target emotion. This can be likened to drinking tea. If you eat sugar you are supposed to put in your tea and dink your tea later without sugar you will not enjoy it. Correct positioning of Facebook smileys is, therefore, very important.

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To add emotion to our chats Facebook smileys could be relied upon. They are smiley faces which are sometimes called emoticons. This means they are emotional icons. They are icons that we can use to express emotions in our chats. Facebook smileys are supposed to be near sentences or content they support. They could be created using computer keyboard.
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