How to enhance your websites by using Flash elements


It is only natural for web designers to desire to create something totally one of a kind and really impressive. If lately, you believe that everything is just too common and too boring for your website, then maybe you should orientate towards something different. My suggestion for you is to become acquainted to flash elements, because if these are used properly, they will definitely add a nice touch to your work.

Yes, I know that the thought of adding something extra to your website is both scary and exciting at the same time, but if you remember to use everything with moderation and to adopt a serious attitude when it comes to your job, then you will be on the right path. Maybe you have heard bad things about the special effects so far, but as you are about to see there are many rewards that these could bring to you, if you will handle them with care. Be confident, follow these pieces of advice and your website will certainly exhibit the design you have in mind.

Flash intros


Although some believe that flash intros are useless, because they will just annoy readers and consume their time, the truth is that these could increase the number of your audience if you know how to handle them. First of all, you should keep in mind that if you don’t want these to be disadvantageous, then their purpose should be the one of presenting your brand and product. This way, you will either get the interest of your visitors, or you will briefly explain them what your website is about, so that they will know if it is the thing they need. Anyway, the point is that your flash intros should be entertaining and related to your website, so that they will amuse your audience.

Flash animations


When selling a product animation does help, especially if it is 3D. Besides that, if the design you need implies something modern with a twist of hot and fresh, then it is absolutely necessary not to forget about the 3D animation. Also, another circumstance in which flash animation would be helpful is that when one needs to explain something more complicated. In this situation, 3D animation will come in handy and will totally get you loyal visitors, because people usually appreciate when they are helped and respected.

3D menu


A 3D menu attached to your website will definitely bring quality and an innovating appearance. Not to mention that this innovation will make life easier to your visitors because they will be able to access the things they need much faster. Also, the design of your website will be really elegant, classy and stylish; therefore if you know you have skills in this particularly area, then you should not let them waste. Let your visitors experience the benefits of the 3D world by transforming your website into something fresh and contemporary.

3D graphics

If you worry that 3D animations will cause your website to load slowly, then you should focus on 3D graphics. Everybody knows that graphics are a must to every website, but you should handle this aspect in a more modern tone and go for a fresh experience that your audience will definitely appreciate. Anyway, remember that you should not overdo it, because after all graphics have the purpose of bringing balance to the aspect of your website, which means that if you will exaggerate, as far as this matter goes, the harmony of the design will definitely be ruined.

3D texts

3D texts are ideal for your titles or headings, thus if you could include these on your website, then you shouldn’t have second thoughts about it. They will highlight the most important articles and will totally manage to get the attention of your readers. It goes without saying that something like this makes the design of your articles more appealing and at the same time your posts will be easier to find. So, once again through this element you will show respect and consideration to your readers, which is definitely a good sign.


However, there are certain harms that flash elements could bring to your website. For instance, if certain visitors have a poor quality Internet provider, then it will be very hard for them to access your website, if it is loaded with flash elements. The solution would be to keep things simple and to go for one or maybe two 3D graphic elements.

Also, one should insert such things only if it is required. The truth is that there are many web designers out there who need to show the others that they have many skills and that they could conceive something appealing and one of a kind. But if you know that your audience is satisfied with a more common look and if their main purpose is to gather some information then you should forget about flash elements. The point is that you must know your readers, in order to provide them what they need, because some visitors won’t fancy the modern look, while others will adore these fresh improvements.

Web designers should remember that the main reason they have inserted special effects to their website is because they want their visitors to have a beautiful experience and to have fun while getting informed in various topics. Your special effects should not bother your visitors, on the contrary they should create an interactive design and they should help those who come to your page, by enhancing the efficiency.


To conclude, there is nothing bad in using flash elements, as long as you all acknowledge the fact that these could be quite dangerous if you will lose control over them. Be cautious when including them on your website, put them there only if they are necessary and remember to put the interest of your audience first. After all, when you are designing a website your preference matters too, but your readers’ interests are far more important. So, in this case you should keep in mind that less is better!

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