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Empower your mobile website with these 8 amazing web design trends


While the year 2013 has witnessed a rapid growth in the count of entrepreneurs choosing mobile websites, the coming year 2014 will bring in new a revolution in the world of mobile website designing and development. Choosing a good web design will become a must for all business professionals who want to build websites that are mobile-compatible. The choice of mobile web design will mark the success or failure of a website. It’ll decide whether the site will run seamlessly on smartphones, tablets and other hand-held devices. Today, through this blog I’ll be making you familiar with best mobile web design trends that’ll change the online world and aid in empowerment of mobile websites.

What future holds for Mobile websites?

Well, considering the growing demand for smartphones and tablets, it won’t be wrong to say that the coming years will truly witness an increased count of mobile-centric websites. Business professionals across the world have been truly benefited from building websites that run flawlessly on a wide range of mobile devices. They have received a brilliant response from customers who access their website via mobile phones. In addition to this, unlike a desktop-centric website, a website especially built for mobile users has been capable of gathering the attention of potential customers who’re genuinely interested in purchasing the products and services offered by the respective site owner.

Mobile web design trends that have worked best for global businesspersons

Trend No.1- Minimizing the usage of website elements

Mobile website designers have realized the importance of minimizing the usage of some elements within a website. They are opting for hiding the landing pages and shortening/removing the navigation bars. While the hidden landing pages are making it easier for the customers to reach the site’s home page directly, shorter navigation bars are adding a tint of crispness into the site.


Trend No.2- Using Infinite scrolling Navigation Bars

Websites that need to target mobile users work best with moving navigation bars. With an ease of scrolling up and down, website visitors find it convenient to head from one part of the site to another at a faster pace. Some of the most popular websites that use infinite scrolling navigation bars include Pinterest, Tumblr and Skitles.


Trend No.3- Inserting QR (Quick Response) codes

QR (Quick Response) codes have become the latest call to action medium for mobile website visitors. A majority of mobile website designers are now choosing to insert QR (Quick Response) codes in their sites to ensure faster readability and greater storage of customer’s information. QR (Quick Response) codes work best for websites that offer discounts, coupons, promotions etc and hence need to store the visitors’ information.


Trend No.4- Inserting company’s video

By integrating company’s video, you can ensure to offer your consumers, a 360 degree tour of your products and services. The website visitors can watch the video to learn how to use the products and services in a convenient manner. It’s been found that websites with an integrated video work best for all mobile devices.

Trend No.5- Inserting company’s history Timeline

Irrespective of the business you deal with, including a timeline section within the site can make way for great imagery and a complete cinematic feel for your visitors. Consumers who use their mobile phones for accessing websites can always add that perfect timeline to keep their visitors engaged on their website.


Trend No.6- Choosing a larger typography

Since mobile users are going to access your website via their small mobile screens, it’s always recommended to opt for a bigger typography. You may use CSS and XHTML coding to ensure a larger typography for your site, allowing it to fit on all types of mobile screens. The Sans Serif font has become a preferable choice among entrepreneurs opting for mobile-friendly websites.


Trend No.7- Including larger, high-resolution photos and images

This is yet another mobile web design trend that’s been able to create waves in the mobile website designing industry. Website designers are choosing larger images with higher resolutions, to make the sites look appealing. If you own a health care site, a restaurant site or a retail store, keeping the images larger will always work for you.


Trend No.8- Including popular Social Media badges

In order to make your mobile website stand out from the crowd, it’s essential for you to include popular social media badges. You need to redirect your visitors to leading social networks including Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Digg, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Pinterest etc. where they can read posts related to your business. The readers can then choose to share your blog posts, thereby adding to your online visibility.



So, these were the mobile web design trends that can aid in empowering your mobile site for a better customer engagement. Following these trends during website designing can definitely allow you to provide interaction and smart search capabilities.

If you want to share any mobile web design trends that haven’t been covered in this post, please feel free to pen down the same in the comments box below. Also, don’t forget to drop in your comments/suggestions on the above post.

Author bio – Mike Swan is a specialist Web Designer at Markupcloud Ltd. a Web Design Company. He possess a huge experience in technology domain and loves all things comes under web Design niche. He trying to spread his intangible knowledge to maximum people he can in order to make a equal knowledge platform.

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