Ecommerce SEO Tips for optimiziming your sales

Ecommerce SEO Tips

An eCommerce site owner keeps yearning for those numbers that would put his site in reckoning among the very best and most sought-after eCommerce portals on the web-verse. But one aspect of the endeavor of boosting online sales much ignored is SEO. You can employ these ecommerce SEO tips and techniques in order to optimize sales & revenue for your websites by large multiples, and can help you boost sales too.ecommerce SEO tips

There is no dearth of eCommerce site owners who are under a fallacy that since their site is assumingly not content rich, they don’t really need SEO as much as other websites do. And even those who recognize the value SEO can bring in, they have been following wrong SEO practices, which has led them to be receiving disappointing results thus far.

ecommerce seo tips

SEO can increase your conversions by manifolds as it can draw some massive traffic to your site, and you can be rest assured that the incoming traffic is very much relevant and a part of the audience you are targeting.ecommerce SEO tips

The following list compiles some ecommerce SEO tips and techniques you can employ in order to optimize your website:

  • Conduct a comprehensive keyword research to determine the queries your target audience inputs to the search engines. Your eCommerce website may not contain a full page dedicated to content, but it is filled with several content snippets. Optimize those snippets for SEO.
  • Use the plural form when you are referring to some offerings. Let’s say, under the Electronic category, use terms like Smartphones, Trimmers, Blu-ray players.
  • Write product descriptions that are original and not lifted form any other website. You won’t want to be penalized by Google for your plagiarized content.
  • Do not create pages just for the sake of adding to the volume of your website. The Google algorithms like Panda have an intolerance towards the unnecessary pages on the websites.
  • Generate some useful SERP snippets.

Now, above are some techniques that are used to optimize the pages for search engine crawlers. For making sure you get maximum benefit out of your SEO endeavor, you need to indulge in fair bit of link building as well.ecommerce SEO tips

  • Write guest posts for high PR websites that relate to your portal.
  • Do hyperlink the texts corresponding to the categories on your site.
  • When building links on third party sources, don’t keep it restricted to just the home page, but create links for the product pages as well.
  • Avoid spamming the web with articles and guest posts on low quality websites as it will only lead to discrepancies.

Structuring the Website According to SEO

Your website’s architecture has its own role to play in terms of how powerful is its SEO functionality:ecommerce SEO tips

  • Use an eCommerce platform like Magento that equips you with a suite of plugins to optimize it for SEO. Also, the platform should be popular enough so that when you run into some issues, you can resort to a large community of web developers to sort the problems out.
  • Do make sure you create the XML sitemap of your website
  • for the pages that hold maximum value to your prospects, do not use something like Flash that proves to be a hindrance for SEO purposes.
  • Avoid the duplication of content by ensuring the session ids do not find their way to the URLs

Optimize Designecommerce SEO tips

  • The CTA buttons should be placed cleverly on all pages. You should make sure that even with several thumbnail pictures and content snippets, the call to action buttons stand out.
  • You can’t avoid the clutter, but do not make the user puzzled with too much on a single page. Make proper categories and user experience is also a part of SEO since it helps you with getting organic traffic from Google.
  • The security badges by the likes of McAfee, Directing Marketing Association, etc. will help you in establishing trust among your consumers.

ecommerce SEO tipsThere are several factors that contribute to the success (or the lack of it) of an eCommerce website. SEO is definitely among the most critical factors. But you also need to make sure that your site provides great user experience in terms of responsiveness and fast loading times. Get the right mix for your website and the riches will start pouring in soon enough.ecommerce SEO tips

Author Bio – Sarah Parker is a blogger cum WordPress developer. She loves writing information-rich blogs on PSD to WordPress conversion services. Currently, she is employed with Designs2HTML Ltd, a leading markup conversion services company that has delivered top-grade markup conversion services since 5 year

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