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Developing a Web Application? Things You Must Know


There is a web application for almost everything today, and there is never a better time to become a web developer. Web application development is a broad industry inclusive of various technologies like WordPress, osCommerce and so on. However, one of the most rapidly mushrooming crowds is of the web developers who prefer to work back-end and create an entire website or a web application. Here we will see some major technologies and skills that every web developer must know.

Server-side Scripting Languages

This is something that isolates front-end developers from those who are convenient with making entire web application. For those not aware of, a server side language is any language that is compatible with the server. Such language demands for more coding expertise and it can work efficiently with the database system. PHP, Perl, Ruby, ColdFusion, Java and ASP are some of the most renowned and powerful languages for web application development. These technologies are used by bigger companies and businesses. However, PHP and Ruby are perhaps the best platform for individuals as well. In order to reap as much as possible, some greenhorns try to learn all the languages, which is a meaningless thing. Choose any one language and master it.

Object Oriented Coding and Programming Style

Once you have made your mind to work with a specific server-side scripting language, it is obvious you know the fundamental syntax. However, the real challenge lies in the way you code. It is recommended to use object-oriented programming practices to create code that can be reused and rectified easily. You will find many resources on the internet stating the reasons for opting OOP, and innumerable tutorials for every language. It is wise to learn the programming architecture and style adopted by the majority of the developers across the globe.

Know how to design Database

These days, almost every website or application requires its own database. If you too are going to integrate the database, ensure that you designing a database. The skills of creating a good database design need constant practice and in-depth knowledge. There are specific rules, ideas and best practices to design the database.


AJAX has been introduced a way before but it’s been in the limelight for last several years, not just because it has cool features but it has many benefits for us. AJAX technology enables JavaScript to communicate with the server using the server-side scripting language. It first loads the server script from JavaScript and wait for the acknowledgement, so as to update the page with a database without refresh option. If you are able to load some data on the page without refreshing, it is probably because of AJAX.

Third-party App Integration

Most of the web applications today are integrated with third-party applications like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, PayPal and Amazon. Such apps can let you connect via social media and share your information using any third-party service. Many businesses choose PHP development as the platform can easily integrate with the third-party APIs.

Mobile Optimized Web Application

Creating a website or web app is a critical job that requires both experience and expertise in different web programming languages. You need to make sure that your website is versatile in terms of the various sources accessing it. For example, you need to make sure that you have a mobile-optimized version of your application, so users can open it on their tablets or Smartphones easily.

User Interfaces – Magic Wand for Your Online Business

A web design, especially the user interfaces are the key elements of a successful website. The web developers should be well-versed with different ways of making different icons and interfaces that bring the users in on a personal level.

Version Information

Being a web programmer, it is your prime responsibility to have details of the technology version you’re using. This will turn helpful at the time of upgrading the current web application or to fix bugs, if any.

While there is a huge list of web technologies and best practices to learn, most of them are open source. You can easily find online tutorials and materials to learn those specific languages.

Guest Post by Daniel Rustling Daniel is a professional web application developer associated with a leading web application development company. He is passionate writer who loves to write articles on web design, website development and digital marketing related subjects.

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1 Comment

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