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The ever-rising demand for mobile, desktop and web applications has encouraged developers to opt for different app development technologies which can be utilized for delivering the desired final product. If you’re a developer who’s keen on developing impressive and feature-loaded JavaScript applications then the selection of the best APIs(Application Program Interfaces) is what you must keep in mind.DukeScript is one such immensely effective JavaScript API that has worked wonders for writing application logic and rendering JavaScript application within Java. In this blog, I’ll walk you through some outstanding aspects related to DukeScript, which have made it one of the leading names in the world of JavaScript application development.


What is DukeScript exactly?

DukeScript is basically a technology that’s being utilized for creating cross-platform applications for mobiles, desktops and the internet. It is interesting to note that DukeScript applications are actually plain Java applications that use HTML5 and JavaScript technologies. That means, the web developers just need to write clean and crisp Java code for leveraging the maximum potential of the contemporary UI(User Interface) elements. DukeScript has eliminated the need for any additional toolkits that are otherwise required for introducing UI(User Interface) advancements into the Java applications. You can easily opt for combiningDukeScript with the Bootstrap framework for creating responsive layouts which are thoroughly compatible with a wide range of hand-held gadgets including smartphones, tablets, netbooks etc.

What’s new with DukeScript?


DukeScript isn’t an all new programming language rather its the same old Java API that has been equipped with additional UI options and deployment. The best part of developing apps using DukeScript is that the same apps can run on desktops and a variety of mobile operating systems such as: iOS, Android and that too in any browser. A byte code is being run on a JVM and the same uses a particular set of bindings that are being created using HTML technology.

DukeScript- Understanding its architecture

Well, DukeScript comes with a very simple basic architecture that comprises of three major components viz: Java Virtual Machine, HTML-Renderer Component and DukeScript.  It is DukeScript that couples the JVM and HTML components together for serving as a bridge between the business logic that’s running in the VM and the UI that’s been written in HTML/JavaScript programming language.

Knockout.js – A brief on its role in binding the dynamic web/app page elements

Whenever a web/app page is being loaded, it is Knockout.js that’s been used by DukeScript for binding the dynamic elements of the page to the data model. In addition to this, you can even choose to manipulate the Java objects that have been defined in the data model. In this way, the business logic can also be written in Java, being separated from the UI(User Interface).

A bit more on DukeScript technology

DukeScript 1.0 is basically a framework that’s used for developing cross-platform mobile, desktop and web applications. Being a client-side technology, DukeScript has had a multitude of JavaScript sessions throughout the current year. When it comes to developing applications for desktops, DukeScript makes use of the HotSpot VM to run the respective Java code on Google Android devices and RoboVM for running the Java code on iOS powered devices. The only issue with running the Java code on iOS is that you can’t generate the code dynamically. With the entire DukeScript system being absolutely modular, it’s essential for the developers to put the libraries into the code. One of the finest examples of apps developed using DukeScript is the Minesweeper game that features a seamless interaction with the JavaFXclient technology.


DukeScript is undoubtedly one of the finest Java-based technologies that have given birth to some mind-blowing applications that have been successful in gathering the attention of a large majority of target audience.

Author Bio: Maria Mincey is qualified outsource web improvement proficient who is extraordinary at conveying concentrate in her compositions. She meets expectations for Xicom Technologies, a offshore software development company which conveys most exhaustive web applications and answers for distinctive industry verticals.

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