Convert your photos into Painting with Photoshop CS6

photo-painting-photoshop-designs-tutorial (1)

Welcome to this new tutorial. Today you are going to learn how to convert your personal photos and pictures into beautiful canvas painting using the power of Photoshop CS6. Here is the preview of the final result.

Resources Used:

Download the model image and import it into your photoshop document.


Convert the it layer by double clicking and then convert it into Smart Object by going to Layer > Smart Object > Convert to Smart Object or simply right click on the layer in the layer palette and choose Convert to Smart Object.

photo-painting-photoshop-designs-tutorial (2)

Now, we are going to apply few filters on our image. Open your filter gallery by going to Filter > Filter Gallery > Artistic > Cutout. Apply the follwing settings as shown below:

photo-painting-photoshop-designs-tutorial (3)

Here is how your image looks after applying the filter.

photo-painting-photoshop-designs-tutorial (4)

Now, apply Oil Paint filter by going to Filter > Oil Filter and apply the settings as below.

photo-painting-photoshop-designs-tutorial (5)

Till now, your image is already started looking like a painting. To make it more realistic, we are going to add brush stroke filter. To do so, go to Filter > Brush Strokes > Angled Strokes and apply the settings as below.

photo-painting-photoshop-designs-tutorial (6)

Its almost done. The final step is to apply the texture to your image so that it should gives us a feel of canvas painting.

photo-painting-photoshop-designs-tutorial (7)

Here is how your photo finally looks.

photo-painting-photoshop-designs-tutorial (8)

Next, open a photo frame in a new photoshop document. Apply some drop shadow to your photo frame to make it more realistic.

photo-painting-photoshop-designs-tutorial (9)

Import your painting it and adjust it as follows.  And here is the final preview of your painting.

photo-painting-photoshop-designs-tutorial (1)

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Share your views and comments with us. Thanks

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