Awesome Game Designs which can inspire you

Awesome game designs which can inspire you

When you get really involved with a game, you want to do more than just play it. You want to know all about the game – the inspiration behind the game and its backstory, the company that makes it, their philosophy and history, and everything you can get your hands on. Where better to find that than on the video game’s own website?

Awesome game designs which can inspire you

These game websites often show a lot of the same creativity that went into building the game itself. The best sites include plenty of inspiring graphics, videos, images, and more, giving visitors a wealth of game-related visuals and information to peruse. Another reason for companies to create an intriguing website is that the site is often the precursor to the game, like a movie trailer. Potential fans have a chance to see the website before they get their hands on the real game. Here are some top game website designs that are truly inspirational.

Halo: Waypoint
The Halo Waypoint website is the official site for all of the latest Halo Games. The web page shows the style and creativity of the games, incorporating that feeling into the beautiful fonts, menus, and overall design. A large slider has the Halo look and players you’d expect, and it makes for easy user engagement. For those who want even more of the Halo experience, there are game stats, forums, leaderboards, and blogs. Don’t forget to join the community and like Halo Waypoint on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated with their newest released.

Watch Dogs
The Watch Dogs website also captures the style of the associated game, which in this case means a futuristic, flat type of style, and an easy to navigate menu. In addition to carrying through the atmosphere of the game, the site is also great at promoting the social aspects of the game, with large, attention-getting social widgets.

Dead Island: Riptide
This site seems quite simple, yet the creativity that went into it is marvelous. It has a sort of flowing animation running through it, and you will discover some unique features when you’re playing and moving your cursor around the screen. The animation and graphics make for an excellent user experience.

Saints Row IV
More than just a video game website, the site for Saints Row IV is also a video game community. The look and feel of the site makes excellent use of gradients and transparency. There are wide sliders for content, and some nice graphic elements, like the Saint’s Row newspaper. They also provide customizable community profiles which can show in-game content.

Wolfenstein: The New Order
Another very creative website design, this one features a fade-out one-pager. The site uses cool images, a nice popup for video, and buttons that fit the theme. The social aspects are designed to pop and get the user’s attention. Here is also a retailer promotion for pre-orders.

Tom Clancy’s: The Division
Here is another game promoting website, for a video game that has been announced but not yet released. The site does an excellent job of advertising the game, with a large slider, high resolution graphics, and videos and screen shots from the game to get your interest. A community component is built in too.

These awesome game website designs are truly inspirational. Whether you’re an avid video game player or just a graphic designer looking for some inspiration, we have to admit that gaming sites are absolutely exquisite. The responsiveness of all pages, the widgets, the resolution of the images, the graphics everything seems polished and quite appealing. In some cases, the 3D effects and overall flow of the pages are just exceptional.

Author Bio: The article is being authored by a frequent writer and gamer Jason Phillips. He is an ordinary guy as others, but with extraordinary passion for technology and gadgets. Apart he love to play online games and his favorite site for online gaming is Truck Games 365.



  1. Utah Sites

    July 6, 2014 at 5:06 pm

    Thank you for putting all this together. Halo Waypoint deserves that top spot btw.

  2. Arianna

    April 14, 2014 at 11:37 am

    I have just seen only a single pic but in that pic something is different that shows the creativity of the artist. The image is really wonderful.

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