Are you on the Google list of Blacklisted Sites? 6 Tools to Check


Creating a website is not an easy job. You have to take thousands of things into consideration while building a web space for your organization that will boost your business. This is not all. There is something which is tougher than creating a website and that is to promote the site on search engines. This is the task which ultimately makes your site popular and allows people to come to know about your business and operations and eventually make profit for you. Search engines are the most crucial platforms to exhibit and promote your business. There are number of search engines on web but Google is the most popular and most preferred one.

For successful operations of your business, it is necessary that your site is always in good books of Google. Almost every individual in this world uses Google to find out just anything. So, you just cannot afford to ignore the significance of Google. You can comprehend how your business can be ruined if your site is blacklisted on this great search engine.

What is more frustrating is to not know at all if your site is blacklisted. If you know your site is blacklisted, you can take essential action and avoid the damage. But what if you do not ever come to know your site is blacklisted? Frustrating… Isn’t it? Yes it is. And hence, you should always be aware of the tools, which can tell you if your site is blacklisted. The article is intended to make you aware of these tools, which may of great use for you. Have a look.

1. The Abusive Hosts Blocking List (AHBL)

AHBL is one of such tool that can tell you if your website or IP address is blocked by any of the database in order to protect certain clients. The Abusive Hosts Blocking List consists of such database that can identify abusive hosts. This tool is specifically used to identify if your emails are not reaching to your clients. This is not all. The website will also instruct you how to get your site removed from black listed lists.

2. BlackListAlert

BlackListAlert is another credible platform where you can search if your domain is blacklisted on not just any one database but across several databases. The site has a good record of offering its services accurately. It is most likely to find out if your site is blacklisted on any database. It is extremely easy to authenticate the status of your site. You just need to type your domain in the check-box and click on check. When you do this, the site will show you several results. If it says, Ok, your site is working fine according to that organization. If your site is listed anywhere, the results will show “Listed!” in red color. This is how you will be able to go to that database and take actions to remove your site from there by following their policies.

3. MX Toolbox

MX Toolbox is just another superb site to make out if your site is blocked on other databases. What makes MX Toolbox different from other tools is its attribute to display the reason why your site is blocked by certain database. And if you are ready to pay some amount, it will keep notifying you if your site ever gets blacklisted.

4. WhatIsMyIPAddress

This website contains Blacklist Check Tools that will help you know the status of your IP address or domain. The site will help you understand the status of your website on different other databases. This is one of the most effective tools to identify a website status. The site will help you detect if your site is blacklisted with about 70 DNS based anti-spam databases or if you mail server is blocked by DNSbl filters.

5. Blacklist Monitoring

BlacklistMonitoring helps you understand “email delivery management and email blacklist issues.” Besides, the site will also give you information on email blacklisting organizations, tools to manage your emails, instructions to resolve email blacklisting issues, new industry trends on spam filtering, etc.

6. Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools will particularly let you know if your site is blacklisted by Google. On this tool, you will get exact idea about the number your site is crawled each day by Googlebot. Besides, you will also come to know if your site is blacklisted on other databases through Google list of blacklisted sites. It contains an option called “Diagnostics” under which, you will find several other options such as “Malware, Crawl Errors, Crawl Stats, Fetch as Googlebot and HTML Suggestions.” To access the facilities, you will have to create an account on Google Webmaster Tools.

Easy. Isn’t it? Yes, it is easy. If you use all these tools, it is extremely easy to identify if your site is blocked or why your emails are not reaching to your clients. Some of these tools will also let you know the reasons as well as the instructions to remove those issues. In order to run your website and email campaign smoothly, it is very necessary to know the status of your sites and email clients time to time. This is when; all the above tools become crucial.

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