6 Magento Resources Pricelessly Useful for Developers


With an immense potential as an ecommerce website development platform, Magento owes its remarkable popularity among merchants and developers owing to its extensibility and a formidable set of features. On this date, Magento is the first name that strikes the mind of anyone seeking a powerful and highly customizable eCommerce website for taking their business online. And that’s where the demand of the Magento developers shoots up.


Now, if you are someone willing to make a career in magento development or for that matter, someone who already has his/her skills honed in this platform, it is natural that you are on the constant lookout for resources that can further augment your development skills and give you the wherewithal to get a better grip over your projects. So today we are presenting 6 Magento Resources that Prove to Be Pricelessly Useful for Any Developer.

Below are some such resources that everyone – from beginners to experts – can resort to when honing or learning the Magento art is concerned:

For Getting a Firm Grasp Over the Codes

Doesn’t it all begin and end with the code. The developer’s skill come to the fore when it’s about writing those intricate bits that are no less than bewildering for the lesser minds. PHP is what dictates the Magento codes and you need to be expert at writing the PHP codes for an eCommerce website. And if you need resources to hone your Magento art, there are tons available.

Designer’s Guide to Magento is for those who already know their way around Magento but need to further their expertise. Mastering Magento is another such resource takes a detailed look into customizing a Magento website, introduces you to some of the most resourceful Magento tools and equips you with an understanding of bolstering your Magento store’s speed.

Magento Documentation

As a developer, you often need an access to the code of certain classes that are most common and need to be added with majority of the programs. The Magento documentation is aimed at giving you the access to the diverse codes and the most important Magento components. Each of these components are explained in a manner most elucidatory, throwing light on their classes and interfaces.

Developer Knowledge Base

This is another one of those indispensable resources that no developer can afford to ignore or not use. This is more of a beginner-level introduction to the Magento concepts that those just stepping into the big and bang world of Magento so imperatively need. The developer knowledge base stays true to its name and contains elaborative chapters that perch you right in the middle of the essentials of Magento – making you fall in sync with the various Magento hacks. There are theoretical explanations as well as some highly useful code snippets that also happen to be user friendly, thanks to the elucidatory comments throughout.


You can’t be “a Magento learner who has not visited the website of Magebase”. The website is a haven for the learners as well as those who have been programming in this platform from quite a while. Magebase is essentially a blog that contains various tutorials written by Magento developers, and these tutorials are meant for the Magento developers. If learning Magento from the industry experts is on your agenda, Magebase is the place to be. And don’t worry, you won’t be ewasting your time if you happen to be a mid-level programmer, or for that matter, an expert in your own right. Magebase, apart from the simpler programs, introduces you to the most intricate of concepts and codes, constantly guiding you to create Magento solutions of the highest wherewithal and functional capabilities.

The Reliable Blogs and Articles on Magento Development


Being the most popular eCommerce platform, Magento also boasts some of the finest websites that are solely dedicated to this platform. These websites are third-party, but are run by those that know Magento right from its fibre. Like Magebase, these websites are a great source of Magento knowledge and prove to be even more useful than the typical tutorials as they introduce programmers to certain tricks and tips they may not find in the books. Some of such websites include Alan Storm’s Developer Blog and Notes on Ecommerce Web Development.

The Online Communities, Forums and Social Media

And then there is a truckload of online forums that are crowded by the most gifted Magento programmers we can come across. On these forums, you can head to the Q&A section wherein the most basic, as well as the most intricate answers can be found on diverse Magento topics. With certain questions, you also get introduced to certain facets you may not have given much thought to earlier.

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