3 Tips for Designing a Blog That Converts


A beautiful blog with helpful information will always attract customers. The worst types of websites to build is a website that focuses completely on content without any focus on attractiveness or a website that is too confusing for consumers to navigate. A clear, defined website with good information will naturally generate leads. When setting up a blog, the major points of concentration should be the setup, the content, and the visuals. Planning out the blog is necessary before getting started. Here are three tips for designing a blog that converts.

Choose an Appropriate Layout


Layout with a clear main page and a few side columns make for easy reading. The customer needs to be able to distinguish between the ‘meat’ of the content and other information that may be on a page. Typically, when a customer clicks on a website, they come for products and information. A clear layout outlining the information or displaying the products that the website offers is the only way to retain customers. The best way to choose a layout is to search professional themes. Though loud, busy themes may look fun and unique, website consumers likely find them too difficult to navigate. When navigation is hard, the customer leaves the website. This results in no blog conversions and defeats the purpose of the website.

Use a Firm that Specializes in Blog Layout and SEO


Search engine optimization, or SEO, is how money is created through your website. Optimizing your website so that search engines pick up on certain keywords will bring the appropriate consumer base to your website. Aside from the web design factors of layout, colours, and typography, a website that is interested in SEO will need to use appropriate Meta tags, keywords, and have advertisements set in optimal placing. To a web design newbie or a company that does not specialize in search engine optimization, this can be a difficult task to understand. Using web design shropshire by VibeCreative is a sure way to help with blog conversion. This company can create themes, layouts, and website designs that will attract consumers, not only to the website, but also to the advertisements. Creating click-through is the primary concern of SEO website owners. Click through means that consumers are using advertisements laid out on the website. These click through conversions mean cash for the website owner. The better the click through rate, the better the pay per click typically becomes. Creating a well converting blog by using specialists is most advisable for everyone starting out.

Use Just the Right Amount of Content


Content is king when it comes to building a successful website. Content is the only way to use keywords and terms to attract search engine crawlers and consumers to your web page. The website must also have content that is updated regularly in order to rank high on search engines. First page, first result search engines are what each company strives for and the only what to this is through pure, unadulterated content. What you do want to remember to do is to make room for advertisements on the page. Though advertisements may also be within the content, sidebar advertising is typically used for customers as well. Keep content in the centre of the page, but do not overload the page with writing only. Pictures, written content, and videos can help you keep and convert a variety of consumers, including those who only skim content. A website design company can best help you plan out your page. By using a good company that knows web design and SEO, everyone wins. The website owner is able to have a successful site and consumers get the information and product that they came to find.

Guest Post by Anna This article was written by Anna L. on behalf of web design shropshire by VibeCreative

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