25 JavaScript Photo Slideshows Used in Web Layouts

Most web developers have at least heard about the many JavaScript photo slider plugins. These often utilize a library such as jQuery to construct plug-and-play galleries within just a few minutes. Yet after so many years of project growth we can find dozens of unique examples and animations in this field.

Developers have become creative applying custom techniques with jQuery UI, MooTools, Prototype, and other JS libraries. In the gallery below I’ve put together 25 extremely unique implementations of JavaScript photo sliders on websites. Both the interaction and user interface play a huge role in this type of page element. With any luck you can put together a few ideas to implement a slideshow into your own projects.

Molanphy Design



Osmond Interactive


Mathieu Clauss

Charlie Gentle

Red Ice Radio

These Are Things


Hello Themes

Hyperx Media

Icon Designer

Digital Convulsions

ODS Network

Veritas Radio

Quality Laundry Professionals

The Daily

Radium Labs

Digital Clarity


Elless Design

Gimme Money I Can Do It!



Print Mor NYC


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