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Zaparena is a great service for creating a quality traffic for your website or blog. It’s a widget based application that works on the V4V system (visitor for visitor). The only difference is that you get around 300% more visits for your website that you send to Zaparena. So in short – you send them traffic via widgets on your website or blog and they send you 300% more traffic back to your website or blog.

This is the short description. Check out the rest of the lens for more information and details. If you want to bring some quality traffic and visitors to your website or blog I really recommend this traffic service. And what is the most important thing – it’s totally free! Oh, and you can even make money with it! There are some proofs and my statistics at the end of this post.

What is Zaparena

Zaparena is a new marketing channel for website owners (publishers) with which you can increase traffic to your website free and with no extra work.

Publishers integrate a widget on their websites through which news / contents of the participating web pages are presented. If a visitor is interested in a news item viewed in a widget he is sent to the respective page. Via the widget integrated in your website you will receive 200-250% more visitors in return than are sent on to Zaparena.

Thanks to this effective concept you can expand your potential market free of charge and gain greater independence from search engines and expensive advertising campaigns.

How Zaparena Works

Publishers add a widgets with related content to their blogs and websites. With these widgets they promote other content that is published inside the Zaparena traffic network. When a visitor visit some article via your widget Zaparena tracks your refer.

These widgets are also on many other website that use Zaparena traffic network. They’ll show your content and with this system you’ll receive 250-300% more traffic that you send.

It’s really simple and very effective. Below are two pictures that show how this system works.

When you add a widget to your website or blog and start sending traffic to other websites in Zaparena Traffic Network you can submit your own content and start receiving traffic. Then your submitted content appears on all websites and blogs that use Zaparena. And believe me, this number is not so small.

You can even make money with Zaparena!

In addition to the news teasers, your widgets can also display paid advertising teasers. The result is not only an increase in the number of visitors, but a simultaneous increase in the monetary value of your website. Thanks to comprehensive statistics you can monitor and optimize your success at any time.

How much money can you earn?
This depends greatly on factors such as the subject of your website, the position of the widget or even your target market. Therefore, it is advisable to simply register and try Zaparena to find out how much additional revenue you can generate. You receive 70% of the generated revenue.

It’s free!
Of course, the Zaparena traffic network is free and without obligation. With just a few simple steps you will have generated the widget and incorporated it into your website. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can end your participation at any time and for any reason.

So I really recommend you this service. It’s no scam! If you want to take your blog or website to another level you should Sign Up to Zaparena! It’s easy to add the widgets to your blog and submit your links to their network. And then you’ll receive 250-300% more traffic in few days.

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