Web Design Inspiration


1. Gift Rocket

The mega talented Mike Kus has redesigned Gift Rocket, the San Fransico based online gift card website. As soon as you see the site it stands out as being one of Mike’s designs with a sublime subtle colour scheme and quirky illustrations.

Gift Rocket

2. Reverend Danger

Reverend Danger are a digital agency who specialise in harmonious interactive design and their website showcases their skills. Scroll down to page to view some of their animations and interactive website elements. Top work!

Reverend Danger

3. Autoglym High Definition Wax

The wonderful mix of strong red and dark grey colour scheme is complimented by clear product photography on the Autoglym High Definition Wax website.

Autoglym HD Wax

4. Ala

Wow! The Ala Studio website shows off their bold design talent and creative coding with a memorable website. Scroll down their website and enjoy the various effects and visual delights!


5. MyChoicePad

The guys at FHOKE have rolled our another lovely design, this time MyChoicePad gets the benefit of their talents with a clear and easy to read site that does a great job of promoting their app.


6. Artua

Artua Design Agency create icons, websites, logos and user interfaces with a very high level of quality. Their portfolio speaks for itself!


7. Mathieu Clauss

Mathieu’s portfolio site is just as good as his client work featuring a lovely colour scheme and geometric design.

Mathieu Clauss

8. Nizo App

You’ve probably already seen the Nizo App website but if you haven’t click the image below and scroll down their site. Pretty incredible, eh?

Nizo App

9. Havoc Inspired

Ryan Taylor has recently started freelancing after working for Headscape and his new site is a superb example of a single page portfolio site.

Havoc Inspired

10. Cake Sweet Cake

The Cake Sweet Cake website makes their products look good enough to eat. Mmmm, cakes.

Cake Sweet Cake

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