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Top 6 uses of QR codes While designing a Business Card


The use of Quick Response codes or QR codes has become quite rampant in the recent time. This innovative technology has helped to transcend the boundary between the real and the virtual world with ease. QR codes are barcodes present on any objects that can be scanned with the use of any Android phones and with the help of the information stored in it, the clients can easily connect to the websites of the respective company to know further details.

These barcodes can be found almost in every objects right from the price tags of different goods, to posters and advertisements of different enterprises, brochures, business cards and different kinds of objects. Incorporating the QR codes in the business card is a very trick task as the space available to the designer is limited.

Here are some innovative ways of incorporating the barcodes in the business cards that will be extremely pleasing to the eye and at the same time solve the purpose of using it.

Make the barcode the dominant element of the card

Since the QR codes are quite unique in design, it can be used as the most dominant element of the business card. The use of this pattern will automatically make the business card unique in its pattern and at the same time it will be eye-catching in appearance. This exclusive pattern will definitely help in making it stand out from the rest.

Place the barcode at one side of the card

The designer also has the option of resizing the barcode and placing it at one side of the card. But even when resized the barcode consumes quite a lot of space in the business card. So the designer must choose an ideal shape of the card and place it intelligently so that the Qr Code Generator is in harmony with the typography.

Use a square shape card

Usually the shape of the business card is rectangle but you can choose the shape of the card as that of the barcode and place the contact information on one side and the barcode itself on the other side. In this way the design of the card will be out of the box and draw the attention of the clients.

Unique paper cutting style

The QR codes primarily appear in exclusive patterns and the designers can also use some paper cutting style in the typical QR pattern. However, the designers must ensure the fact that the designs that appear after the cut work is precise so that it can connect to the website easily. Otherwise the whole purpose of designing the business card will be wasted.

Incorporating some unique design within the card

Some expert designers can also incorporate some unique designs within the QR code without affecting the function and purpose of the QR code. This will automatically enhance the appearance of the card and the prospective clients are definitely going to appreciate such unique styling.

Modifying the appearance of the barcode

The designers also have the option of modifying the position of the QR code to make it unique and eye catching. Instead of the usual black and white color, they can use a wide range of colors to add life to the QR code. Apart from that they can also incline the barcode to make it stand on a tip and thus give it a unique look.

These are some novel ways of designing the business card whereby the barcodes can be incorporated in innovative ways to enhance the appearance of the card. Make the best use of the exclusive grid patterns of the QR codes to design an exclusive barcode.



  1. Magento blog

    December 25, 2012 at 2:43 pm

    QR code helps us shorten time for checking personal information. Thank you for your article.

  2. Magento tutorial

    December 21, 2012 at 9:02 am

    Thank you for the article. I think a common problem some people have is that the space for QR code is not enough > It’s hard to scan properly. We should notice this

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