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Top 10 Learning Resources for Designers & Developers

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It’s no secret that web design is a fast-growing industry. Virtually every type of business is in need of a quality website. There are opportunities at the large agency level down to freelancers developing small-business websites from home.

So how do you break into this exciting field? With little or no experience creating websites, getting yourself up to speed can be a daunting task. There are so many different avenues of design and development to explore. Which way should you go first? Which skill sets suit you the best?

We aim to give you an overview of a few things things that are essential to a well-rounded knowledge of web design. These are starting-points, if you will. Below each item, we’ve listed additional resources for you to continue on in your learning process.

1. HTML Dog

This is a great resource for web designers looking for the latest HTML and CSS techniques.

Visit HTML Dog.

2. W3Schools

W3Schools is a fantastic starting point for web designs and developers. It contains information on HTML5, XHTML, CSS and more. It also contains introductions to browser scripting such as javascript.

Visit W3Schools.

3. Web Design Library

The Web Design Library contains a good mix of tutorials and walkthroughs, as well as a directory of services for businesses looking for their first designer / developer.

Visit Web Design Library.

4. Web Developers Notes

If you want free programming tutorials, Web Developer Notes is perfect. You will find number of tips and tutorials on HTML, JavaScript, Flash, SQL and more.

Visit Web Developer Notes.

5. HTML Code Tutorial

HTML Code Tutorial provides you with the most helpful information for creating web pages. If you are a beginner, HTML Code Tutorial is a great starting place.

Visit HTML Code Tutorial.

6. jQuery

Although mainly a catalogue for jQuery plugins / functionality, the jQuery website is a good way of learning about the popular library and how it can improve your websites.

Visit jQuery.

7. Echo Echo

Echo Echo provides a unique mix of tutorials and articles on all things web design.

Visit Echo Echo.

8. Web Appers

Web Appers is one of my favourite websites. Its role of scouring the Internet for the best in open source resources is invaluable for designers and developers of all levels.

Visit Web Appers.

9. Tizag Tutorials

Tizag was specially designed to teach beginner web programmers about using HTML and CSS. This website allows you to dive straight into the tutorials with no messing around.

Visit Tizag.

10. HTMlite

HTMLite is a tutorial based website that offers walkthroughs and guides for users with a total lack of technical jargon, making it easy for the most inexperienced of programmers to begin coding.

Visit HTMlite.

For beginners, with the help of these websites you can learn the basic terminology of the process, after spending much time on these websites you might become skilled web designers and will be able to produce beautiful web design work which may be inspirable for others. So, start learning today.

Share your learning experience from these websites with us and let others get inspired from your experience.



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