Content Management System (CMS), the web-based software that allows editing, publishing, modification of content, as well as maintenance from a centralized back-end interface help create and store content in a shared repository. It also helps you manage workflow in a collaborative environment by offering facilities to track the status of content items through editorial processes and workflows.

The reason that makes WordPress so amazing is the host of customization options it offers to website owners, which can be used to integrate some really useful functions to bequeath users with the convenience to attract more readers. Those functions generally include photo galleries, music, and a lot more more. Nowadays a lot of site owners running WP powered site intend to embed a calendar in their site, so as to keep themselves and their visitors informed about some important events.

The most preeminent open source CMS in the global market is well-known by the WordPress. Around 19% of the websites are running live on the web using this amazing platform. It is reckoned in one of the finest content management systems for blogging as well as web development sites. According to the survey, WordPress caters the billions of pages only in a single month. As a top-notch technology, this PHP-based framework is capable of generating a greater level of traffic to improve your business revenues.

Travel industry has undoubtedly outgrown as one of the successful industries across the globe. Loaded with ample job opportunities, more and more people are choosing travel and tourism domain to work in. If you too are planning to re-furbish your travel website or intend to build it from scratch then you’ve landed on the right page. In this blog, I’ll walk you through ten best Travel WordPress themes that’ll work best for your very own travel website. Whether you’re in a mood to launch a travel destination website or one that focuses on making people aware about the best hotels/motels across the globe, these WordPress themes will turn as a perfect match to all your requirements.Top 10 Travel WordPress Themes

Tips for WordPress Theme Developers

The WordPress theme development market has grown incredibly in the past few years and with so many companies and freelancers around, how do you stand out? In this post we bring you five tips on how to make your theme easier to use, avoid frustrating customers, use WordPress to the max and provide better and cleaner code for WordPress developers.

All the WordPress bloggers already know that there are different themes and default features available while blogging. However these are limited. Yes, you can find an original theme, if you research a lot, but there is a good chance you will see the exact theme somewhere else as well so you can say goodbye to your imagined originality. You can compensate this with a nice content of course, but the design is also really important to make visitors read you.