It’s no more a secret that the usage of mobile devices has exceeded over the desktop computers usage. In fact, the use of mobile devices has increased to a point that designers and developers can’t afford to ignore it. But, the rise in mobile usage for accessing the web has also led the webmasters to throw up their hands in annoyance. After all, it’s pretty difficult to build something for multiple devices. Besides, many people remain confused as to whether they require only a mobile website or mobile application as well?

Responsive web design is a drive to make the web designing more adaptable to the changing needs of web users. With the advent of iPhones and smart phones, the web world has travelled a full journey from the desktops to palms. And so, it has become quite obvious to be more experimental in the field of web design to architect the web pages fully compatible with various screen widths. The concept is becoming so popular that clients have started asking designers to provide them the sample of “iPhone web design” which is nothing but a layman term for responsive web design.