The rise in mobile device usage is making it difficult for developers to decide whether a business needs both a website and mobile app. Many developers seem to have settled on focusing on developing for a single mobile platform – be it Android, iPhone or any other platform. In essence, a lot of developers favor creating native apps (written for a particular platform). A few others favor developing web apps, as they allow them to write once and can be deployed everywhere. Through this post, I’ll discuss about Developing Android Apps Using HTML5.

The ever-rising demand for mobile, desktop and web applications has encouraged developers to opt for different app development technologies which can be utilized for delivering the desired final product. If you’re a developer who’s keen on developing impressive and feature-loaded JavaScript applications then the selection of the best APIs(Application Program Interfaces) is what you must keep in mind.DukeScript is one such immensely effective JavaScript API that has worked wonders for writing application logic and rendering JavaScript application within Java. In this blog, I’ll walk you through some outstanding aspects related to DukeScript, which have made it one of the leading names in the world of JavaScript application development.

Tablet PCs allow us to accomplish tasks more efficiently with less software and hassle in-between. Lighter and easier to carry than a laptop or a netbook, iPad helps a lot of freelancers-on-the-go to get the work done. Now that you got yourself the tablet that many are raving about, it’s time to upload apps that can help make your freelancing life a breeze.