Six secrets to make your blog a better online presence


A blog without visitors is like summer without sun and therefore you will have to learn a few tricks if you want your audience to grow and thus your summer to be sunny. Regardless of the domain, topic or issue the main purpose of a blog is to have visitors, to be read and to become “famous”. I know that this is a matter that is constantly on your mind and as a result I thought it would be best if I would share with you a few of design secrets that will make your blog well-known.

Think about the layout

If you want your readers to be satisfied with your blog then you must pick a layout that will enable their navigation instead of making them feel tired and exhausted. Do not overwhelm them with too many ads and make sure that they will have a nice time while visiting your blog. Bottom line – make sure that the navigational system of your blog is well designed, efficient and that it provides everything your audience needs without much effort. You wouldn’t want your audience to get lost; on the contrary, you desire them to get interested in your job. So pick a layout where they can find everything they need without looking too much.

Do some research!

In case you don’t manage to get their interest, it is obvious that you must do some research. Go on forums related to the topic of your website and see what others are talking about and what people want to know more of. Also, use Google analytics, so that you will be able to discover which are the most important keywords that are connected to your issue. In fact this is an important step, because usually when people look for something they just Google a few words that generate them countless results. Another good idea would be to include these keywords in the title of the articles you post on your blog; this way people will find you easier. So, be tricky, do your homework and you will get them to be interested in you.

Be careful at your typography and graphics

If you used to believe that the typeface and the graphics you use are not very important, well you were wrong. These items are crucial for your popularity amongst the readers out there, so you must be careful from now on. Make your texts legible and readable and even dare to increase the font size, if you want your virtual friends to read what you post without the necessity of using a magnifier. At the same time it is very important to use a typeface that will add a beautiful touch to your blog and that will respect the design you have created so far. Also, when explaining something, images help a lot. Sometimes it is harder to get the message from complicated and mysterious words; so if you know that the topic you are dealing with is a bit problematic try to include graphics. Besides making people understand you faster, graphics also have the purpose of increasing the appearance of your blog. So, insert images as well, because they have a lot of advantages.

Be smart and interesting, but do not exaggerate

People search various blogs because they need answers to their questions. They want to find accurate solutions to their troubles and that is when they turn to you. In order to make them appreciate your ideas, you must read and do some research before posting something. Explain the matter so that everyone will understand and do not brag about your knowledge. People are not very keen on smarty-pants so ditch this attitude, at least for the sake of your blog. Try to connect with them and create your articles starting from previous experiences of yours, because that is how you will let them know that it is perfectly normal to have doubts and to make mistakes. So, be their friend and not their teacher.

Learn how to deal with the advertisements

The ads represent an income and you wouldn’t like them to disappear from your blog. However, they might irritate some of your readers and therefore you must take care of this problem. Usually, professional blogs are devoid of ads that make people believe that they won a prize by clicking something; so get rid of such advertisements if you want to have a considerable number of readers. Also, avoid those colorful and full of movement ads, because they will distract your visitors from your posts and at the same time they will get them tired. Not to mention that they will mess with the layout of your blog and thus will ruin your design work. So, be careful at these factors too, because they are extremely important.


In conclusion, there are a few design tricks that one could use in order to get more interesting. But the main idea is that you must be passionate and you must love your job. Be the one that will be there at the right time with the accurate answer and you will have readers galore. After all, you must show that you care and that you are a professional when it comes to completing a task. A last advice would be to remain patient, to try these tricks and the audience will not fail to increase.

Guest Post by Daniel: Daniel works for Invesp, a leader in the field of landing page optimization. He leverages Invesp’s expertise in the landing page optimization services area to write insightful articles.

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1 Comment

  1. Magento gift card

    November 30, 2012 at 2:05 pm

    These six secrets are totally true. Personally I think content is still the most important factor.

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