Apart from visual design elements, one can also get creative with the layout of the site – its structure and the way the information is presented and communicated. To give you some ideas of how exactly it can be done, we have been collecting examples of creative design layouts. Design was more important to us than a concrete implementation of some creative idea. We also weren’t interested in whether the code validates or not. Below are some examples we have found so far.

In the showcase below we present 30 Websites with Creative Interface and Design that break the boring 2- and 3-columned, boxed layouts. Hopefully you will find some creative ideas that you can develop further in your future projects.


I love the three dimensional interactive format on this site. The colors, shapes, and sounds are masterfully crafted together to make a very unique online experience for anyone, while maintaining a completely user-friendly format.


I got hooked on the way this site interacts with a user. It takes a very chaotic jumble of shapes and through moving the cursor over them somehow provides every link without much effort. It’s simple, yet complex…and interesting.


As I scrolled down the page I instantly felt a loss of vertigo. Images move through a plain white background from any of the four directions onto the page. Some of them are still frames while others shift and change. I felt a disconnect from the format of the page since it wasn’t typical and was then forced to focus on individual pictures as they moved in and out of the screen. However, it really is an unusual design and certainly stands out. And pictures do stop moving when you stop scrolling so that you can take as much time as needed to view whatever is on the page at the time.


I love the strong three dimensional feel of this site and the way it flows out toward the screen. I also like the way information is organized between the website owner’s personal info on the left and business info on the right.


This is a great website full of incredible illustration work. I can tell a lot of time and effort went into its design. The entire site is a three-dimensional landscape with unique and funny cartoon characters living throughout its blocked worded section. I love how moving the cursor over any part of the site instantly puts the cartoon creatures in motion.


I love the way moving the cursor over the white web page brings white shapes out of the page in a very brilliant and almost disorienting way. There isn’t any color except black and white, allowing the shapes in the background to almost float in and out of focus.


This sight is extremely complex and visually stunning. Not only is it a feast for the eyes, but it also has a very interactive component to its design.


This site generates one beautiful picture after another with a high quality polished look that I haven’t seen rivaled on any other site I’ve been to over the years. The color quality is vibrant and the lines are sharp.


Seamlessly designed, this site allows a viewer to simply move the cursor around the screen to see one beautiful picture after another. The design really makes the experience fun and difficult to break away from.


The design of this site is the most detailed I have ever seen. It takes a good five minutes of the camera traveling forward through incredibly detailed still frames. I love the way the site invokes a sense of wonder that keeps me enthralled until the last moment when I realize the site flawlessly returns me to the original scene and repeats the journey.


I love the water effects on this page. Entering the site is the true experience it offers, though. The way the designers created the light effects on the water as it reflects down through the choppy waves into the web page is stunning.


This whole site feels like a big sketch pad of creative drawings. The basic chalk on chalkboard look provides a tangible quality to the page that makes it visually palatable.


I love the warm feel to this site. It incorporates fall colors over gritty textures and is focused on an outdoor scene at night. Even the textures have lines and shapes moving through them to make the site feel like something one would be drawn to touching.


Right away, I was drawn to the picture of Garphee, which the creator describes as his virtual persona. I love the intense and visually stunning features on the site that would keep me hooked for hours if I had the time. The humor is very original, and will keep you chuckling as you move through the site.


This site replicates the look of a gritty old circus advertisement and reads just as dramatically. I love the way each aspect of the page strives to entertain and doesn’t leave an inch of space unused.


Simple and straight-forward, I enjoy the way the graphics seem to be stretched over a material of some kind. The information on the site is displayed through a very interesting font that jumps off the screen.


I love the unique way this site changes every time I revisit the main page. Each site has the same options bar across the page but a different picture which takes up the entire screen. Each picture is full of character and visually stunning.


This page is designed in a very simple and elegant format that allows a user to view each picture and gain a quick assessment of the product being offered. The simplicity of the site focuses on putting emphasis on each picture in the center of the page and yet doesn’t lose any points for style.


I love the way the chain mail is designed into the web page. It adds to the depth of the page and gives it a very polished and professional appearance. It is a very unique and engaging design as well. I like how they commit to a design concept and integrate it into every element in the design.


The video designed on this website is amazing. The graphics are extremely detailed and each little clip inside the video shows an amazing ability by this company to provide high quality digital media services. This is an example of a minimalist design that allows the work of the designer to speak for itself.


I love the unconventional look of this site. A picture dominates most of the space while information will shift into view based on a couple of obvious commands. The design is unique and full of visual depth. I especially like the way the angles slam into each other. A very stunning look!


This an example of how a little design goes a long way. The graphics and motion don’t take anything away from the purpose of the site and adds a sense of quality to the website through displaying interesting little animated presentations.


This site leaps off the screen with vivid color schemes and interactive features. Through simply moving the mouse over the screen, I was able to interact with the features. It is very intuitive while also visually engaging.


This site’s got balls. Lots of them. I like the way this site toys with the physics of objects as they bounce off each other or in the case of moldable material such as clay, the way they form together or pull apart. It’s very interesting and detailed.


Scrolling over this site adds dots and lines to the background. It also plays a song as well, which can be annoying but works well for the creativity and interaction of this website. The design is simple and elegant. I appreciated the way it flowed from one page to another as well.


This site is very bizarrely crafted. I love the way it integrates real creatures with man-made products. The colors and different textures are amazing to see all in one frame.


Amazing! I love how this site is designed around the launch of Apollo 11 and allows an individual to walk through the different aspects of the launch in a very interactive and user-friendly way. The design is very helpful in balancing between an emphasis on design and functionality.


You have to see this site to appreciate the visual effects. This website allows a user to see what this design company is capable of. I love the way they display their skills through allowing a user to manipulate the site and change the image in many different preconceived ways. It’s also very sharp and clear.


I love the subtle depth in this site. The gears in the brain, the cut out picture of the face, and the different bubble blocks that elude to the brains thoughts are all seamlessly woven together to make an attractive and engaging website design.


The three dimensional rendering on this site is beautifully incorporated throughout the website. The designer used the space very effectively, and the color scheme is quite impressive.


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