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There is a great stir around new social service Google+. The network from the largest search company is a hot topic of discussions on all forums and Q&A sites. Near 20 million users hang out on Google+, some of them even closed their Facebook accounts and moved to the new network. If you are one of them, our article will be helpful for you. Today we share with our readers useful hints that will make your Google+ presence effective and engaging.

How to join the hot social network and start to use it?

Edit you profile.

At first, you need to be sent an invitation by a friend to join Google+.
The first important hint: to sign up for new social platform you must use a Gmail account. When you accept your invite, you move to a page where you create your public Google+ profile. Fill in it with the key details such as: your photo, education data, employment and short description of yourself.
Be attentive! Most Google+ users see only your thumbnail and it would be better if you add some engaging words stimulate them to follow you in a box next to the photo.

You also have an amazing opportunity to add your Twitter, Facebook and Linkedln accounts and the link to your personal website, portfolio and blog, which is very advantageous for bloggers, photographers and other artists who share their stuff on the Web. Thanks to Google+ ever – expanding user base and simple sharing tools this feature is a real godsend for content producers.

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