Do You Have the Right Attitude to Design High End Web Design Expertise?


Many veteran web designers will tell newcomers to the field that it takes a combination of technical savvy and artistic vision to achieve a successful career in web design. The reality, however, is that it takes more than that to become a high end web designer. The subsequent text details the skills and qualities that are often at the heart of design greatness.

Expert Communicator

By far and away, great communication skills are among the most important qualities a top notch web designer should have. The ability to communicate with clients can earn their trust right from the beginning of a project. Of course, a good communicator knows how to listen and often must decipher what a client says. Listening to a client’s needs and translating them into the dreamed-of design is the real mission of any project. Moreover, a freelance web designer also needs the right communicative skills to attract potential clients. Although web designers sometimes are stereotyped as people who like to work alone in front of computers, the best ones actually enjoy working with people and are good at it.

Technical Expertise

Writing code and manipulating images go with the web design territory. It helps to have a background or experience in graphic design, but a great web designer understands that the functionality of the site is essential. While a graphic designer may well know how to make a site look great, a successful web designer has to do both—make the site look great and work great too. A technically savvy web designer will be able to grasp the ins and outs of new software and be able to apply this know-how to their web design work. Understanding internet services can also support a web designer’s technical experience.

Ability to Simplify

Web designers often have a lot of technical know-how and have experience looking at hundreds—probably thousands of websites. A poor web designer fails to integrate their expertise into a simple design that is user friendly to average internet users. A great web designer must see their design through the eyes of complete strangers who will be visiting and attempting to navigate the site. An overly complicated or busy site can easily scare away traffic to the website. It’s essential to design user friendly sites that are in accordance with the client’s wishes as well.

Strong Work Ethic with Devotion to Efficiency

Like so many other careers, web design depends on people who can work diligently and efficiently. Producing stellar work in a face-paced environment is part of the web designer’s weekly—sometimes daily—routine. There’s often little time to mull over particulars or procrastinate about layout. A good designer will decipher the client’s wants and work them into a positive design scheme quickly.

The Artist’s Vision

It’s often the artistry of design that attracts people to the web design career and having that artist’s eye is definitely one of the qualities needed to achieve excellence in this field. Assessing color combinations and laying out images are just a few of the important aspects of web design. A great web designer knows how to layout each page to attract the eye as well as how to lead it to the page’s essential points. Designing a cluttered page with a distracting color scheme can turn off someone else viewing the page.

Eye for Details

Choosing the right font, checking every link, triple checking the spelling of every word on the page—these are just a few important details to keep in mind when designing a web site. Every aspect of the site has to work and no detail should be overlooked. The web designer needs to proof every item and functionality on the site to ensure perfection.

Sense of Style

Style may be subjective, but a good web designer has a sense of artistic sophistication. Sophisticated style can be defined in a myriad of ways, but it may help to think of the design style in terms of more traditional visual models. For example—the web site may only need to indicate information similar to that posted on a butcher’s poster (pork chops on sale tomorrow), but it should look like a da Vinci. It may seem complicated, but a successful web designer has an innate command of visual style.

Post contributed by Beth Cooper, on behalf of, Design Contest Logos, a crowd sourcing company that utilizes Logo Design Contests to supply unique and affordable designs.

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