Responsive Web Design – Infographic


It’s been a long time since there appeared an engrossing web design trend that would have such an immense popularity. That’s why Responsive Web Design got its niche in the list of the most popular design trends EVER. These days we can observe a brutal confrontation between mobile and responsive designs, anyway time will show which one will get all the marbles.

Every 10th Internet user in the world uses mobile device to access the Web. Responsive sites are equally convenient to use on both desktops and mobile devices. A Responsive brochure website really is exactly what it says.  It is an online version of  brochures printing you would commonly hand out to a client to promote your business.

Those who are not really familiar with the responsive trend may use it as a guide into the world of RWD. Also, it’s an exciting way to learn what it takes to build a responsive site. You definitely need to see the dynamic infographic yourself and we hope you’ll enjoy it!

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