Six important things concerning patterned backgrounds


It is no secret that a web designer should take care of every single aspect of his or her website. And since this matter is a general fact, then it won’t come as a surprise the fact that you should take care of the background of your webpage, too. I bet you wouldn’t like your audience to be welcomed by a page which lacks important features, and therefore you should really think about your background, thoroughly.

In the following lines, I would like to mention a few important things about patterned backgrounds. I know that, at first these might sound like some features that are extremely outdated, but still you should give them a try, in order to see if something like this would really match your project.

1. They could help you create a memorable website

You have been working really hard on making your website stand out, haven’t you? Well, the solution sits right in front of your eyes. And if you wonder how something considered by others old-fashioned will help you come up with something memorable, then you should know that the more odd a thing is the more people will start taking it into consideration. So, take something peculiar and make it benefit you, so that you will design something memorable and long lasting.

2. They could add balance to your website

Harmony and balance is what every web designer wishes for his or her website. Well, one could manage to create a website characterized by such features if one will learn how to properly use the patterned backgrounds. What you need to do is to take the simplicity of a plain background and mix it with a tiled patterned background. This way, you will manage to create a balanced and harmonious design for your web page. However, a special attention should be directed towards the color of the background, so that everything will look balanced. It is important that the colors of the whole webpage don’t clash, but at the same time one should keep in mind the fact that the shade of the background should make the pictures and texts pop out, so that the visitors won’t have a difficulty in reading them. After all, you should make sure that every aspect of your webpage will meet the requirements of your visitors, and as you can see patterned backgrounds could help you achieve this task.

3. They could leave a positive feeling on your audience

If you have an online store or if you are simply trying to sell your ideas it is a must to create your website in such a way that will make your customers feel safe and positive about your “merchandise”. Patterned backgrounds could instill these feelings to your visitors, if you will choose these carefully. As a result you will have to pay attention and to make the right decisions: for instance the colors should match or the pattern should be in accordance to your business. And to give you an example; if the goal of your web page is to sell tour packages, then maybe a sand background will suit your project better.

4. They could add salt and pepper to your web page

Many people say that these backgrounds are old fashioned and they should remain in the past. But, if you believe that your web page is too boring and monotonous, then maybe you should turn to these tricks. It is true that users are more interested in finding the information they need than in watching a nice background. However, if your website will be perceived as dull, they might leave you and become addicted to other pages that are able to provide the whole package. So, go ahead and search for a tiled background that will make your website interesting and as a result will manage to make the number of your audience grow.

5. They could help you overcome your hesitation

There may be times in your life as a web designer when you will feel stuck, you will hesitate and you will not know whether you should turn left or right. You will feel like you have done it all and therefore there is nothing out there that will help you get to the next level. Well, when colored backgrounds can’t help you, then a tiled pattern will definitely do the job. Even if these are not something new, on the contrary they seem like belonging to a long gone age, sometimes it helps a lot to bring a surprise element to your work. This way you will manage to impress both yourself and your visitors and you will succeed in overcoming a bad phase of your career.

6. They could bring a sense of reality to your work

It is a virtual world, but most web designers want to make their visitors feel like home when they are accessing their websites. As a result, a pattern that will resemble the real life wallpaper combined with some photos or books will definitely help the artist instill this sense of reality. It is needless to say that your web page will get more visitors, precisely because you succeeded in your task of making them feel comfortable and at their easy. But, besides getting a bigger audience, by introducing a sense of reality you will manage to make the patterned background look neat and attractive, which is quite an achievement these days, when most of the people avoid using it.

In the end, tiled or patterned backgrounds should be given more credit, because as it turns out these have many qualities, perks and advantages. As you can see these could help you take your work to the next level or even bring you more visitors, so do not turn your back on them, yet and make sure that you will use them wisely. If you will be successful it is needless to say that your business will flourish and you will become a famous web designer.

Guest Post by Christopher Jackson He is a freelance writer at DesignCrowd Singapore, where he writes about web and graphic design trends.



  1. Rachel

    June 17, 2013 at 11:57 am

    The patterns add some texture to the background of a site. When the patterns add visual continuity to a site, it really give it some dimension.

  2. Web design Dundee

    May 13, 2013 at 3:14 pm

    you are right…patterns plays an important role in completion of a well balanced website design. like the way you called its like salt and pepper 🙂 well said. thanks for sharing your beautiful words.

    Emma Jones

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