How to Find and Use High Paying Keywords


If you own a website, blog or article and you have PPC ads on the site, you can increase the amount per click by using the highest paying keywords that are related to the site title. Example: If your site is optimized with high paying keywords that are related to site title and site content, it will cause the PPC ads to pay more money every time the ad is clicked on. The key is to know which keywords pay the most money and how to use the keywords within your site to increase your PPC ad revenue. Follow the steps below to learn how to find and use high paying keywords.

How to find the keywords?

  • First, make sure you have a website, article or blog that is monetized with PPC ads. PPC ads are ads that pay the site owner each time the ad gets clicked on. Make a note of what your main site title keywords are. Example: if your site title is “How to get car insurance quotes online”, then your main title keywords will be “car, insurance, quotes, online”. The main title keywords are the keywords that will be used to find the high paying keywords related to the site title.
  • Visit a keyword generator such as the Google Keyword generator. If you are not a member sign up to use the keyword generator. It is free. Once you have signed up to use the keyword generator, go back to the main keyword generator page and type the main title keywords of your site into the “Find Keywords” box. Then type in the word caption and hit the “Search” for keywords button.
  • Once the keyword results are returned, locate the “Sort by Relevance” box above the right hand side of the returned keyword results. Click on the box and a drop down menu will appear. Choose the “Approximate CPC” option.
  • The keyword results will now have a price amount beside each keyword. Scroll down the keyword list and check the box beside the highest paying keywords.
  • Once all of the highest paying keywords have been checked, locate the “Download” button directly above the keyword list. Once the “Download” button is clicked, a drop down menu will appear. Click on the “Selected” button. This will allow you to download only the high paying keywords that you have selected. The download box will then appear with the download options. These options will include download to excel, CSV, TSV, XML and CSV zipped. Click the download option that you want to download the high paying keywords to. You can also click on the “View as text” button and copy the keywords from the box. Save the keywords to your documents or to the download program.

Using the keywords in your articles.

  • Now that you have a list of high paying keywords related to your website, blog or article title, optimize your site content by using the high paying keywords throughout your content. Also use the high paying keywords when tagging photos and when adding keyword tags to the tags section of the site. Keyword tags equal the keywords and search terms that the user will type into the search engine to find your site.
  • Now that your site is optimized with the high paying keywords, it will allow the CPC ads on your site to produce more money for each click.
  • Use the keyword generator to add high paying keywords to existing websites or to find high paying keywords to build a site with.

AdSense High Paying Keywords: Summary

There are ample lists that you can find on the Internet about which AdSense keywords pay the most. Using Wordtracker or the Google Keywords Tool, you may be able to find a way to be competitive in the niche.

However, this is not the best way to succeed using AdSense.

I recommend identifying the topics that you love most and determining how you can succeed in this market. Use the Google Keyword Tool to find out what AdSense pays for the keywords that you will go after.

And remember, the higher paying the keyword, the more competition there will be.

Would you rather have a big slice of the millions of searches for Beyonce or a small slice of the thousands of searches for DUI attorneys in Atlanta?

Both are good. One makes a lot of money because it brings in a lot of traffic and the other can make a lot of money based on a few very pricey clicks.

Bottom line: With just about every topic, there is a way to make AdSense money. Find what you love to write about, become an authority, generate inbound links, use high paying keywords and you will succeed with AdSense.



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