How to Develop a Multi Characteristic Online Store Using Magento


If you’re an online retailer and you have multiple stores, websites and domains then you know how time consuming it can be to try and keep track of all the information, all the updates and all the administration tasks that need to be done on a daily basis. Marketing, promotions, compatibility and product management are just a few of the things that you need to attend to as well as making sure that your sites and systems are secure. Of course customer service needs and price management are also vital, adding to that list of tasks.


Magento is a platform for multi-store owners that can greatly simplify, unify and streamline all of these tasks and put the time and energy that you use doing them to much better use. The Magento platform allows the control of multiple online stores with ease using a single administration panel to oversee everything that you need, including analytics, sales, promotions and everything else that requires regular maintenance. The Magento user will be able to control and oversee all the necessary tasks on multiple sites, domains and IPs from 1 single place.

With the Magento platform there are several ways to take control of all your sites, including setting up specific modules to handle marketing and promotional offers. These same modules can be set to track your promotions over several sites and report the activity to you on the central admin board.

Using the modules again the user will be able to track coupons over all of their sites as well as any ‘deals’ that are being given and discounts as well. Again, all of this can be programmed with ease and the results and information is relayed back to the central admin board no matter how many sites are being overseen.

Using the modules to keep track of security and alert for fraud is an excellent feature of Magento and also to make sure that all of the info being sent /received is reliable and up to date.

One of the best features is that Magento can be used on multiple mobile websites as well. Just as you would use the platform to keep track of your regular websites you can use it to track, configure and maintain mobile websites with the same ease of use.

Managing your products over multiple websites has also never been easier than it is with Magento. The ability to oversee multiple products, even if you have hundreds or thousands of products, has been streamlined with the Magento program so that you can cross-reference, change, add and delete products with ease even if they are completely different.

The simple fact is this; if you have multiple sales websites, even dozens of them, Magento is the program and has the platform that you’ve been searching for. It will, in no unclear terms, make your life much easier and cut down greatly on the time and energy you spend maintaining, updating and even promoting your websites.

Guest Post by Forix magento is a Portland based web development and magento mobile development company specializing in all things Magento. From custom magento themes to extensions to magento development and more, Forix has it all covered.

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