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Going to Have a New Face for Your Present Website? Things to Ponder Over!


Before getting your website designed, it is absolutely necessary to first scrutinize your site’s goals and objectives. It is also important to consider the type of website you would need depending on the type of your business. Before handing over your needs to a website designer, having a detailed plan regarding the website is a must.

  • Access the Current Position of Your Site
    Start by assessing the condition of your present website. This will help you distinguish the parts that need work from parts that are working absolutely fine. You might want to look at the analytics and at your viewer’s comments. The comments from your visitors can sometimes provide valuable insight to the health of your website.
  • Take Opinion of Other People
    Another thing you can do is asking the opinion of someone unfamiliar with your website. This will bring in a fresh perspective. Ask them to jot down the parts of your website they find most attractive. This will give you a powerful list of areas that still needs work.
  • Identify the Areas Need Extra Attention
    Keep on a lookout for the obsolete parts of your website. Again, looking at the analytics and viewers comments will help give an overall view. Similarly, you may also want to seek any third person’s help to tell you which parts of your site is boring and ambiguous. Parts that receive the least traffic should also tell you about its worth.
  • Look what should be Removed or Discarded Now!
    Look for sections that need to be removed, or can be integrated or combined. Now get your site map and have a thorough look at it. Are all the sections and pages on your website absolutely necessary? Is there anything that can be discarded? Are there any similar sections that might look good upon integration? Do you need new pages for your new products? Questions such as these will give you a better and a well-organized sketch of your new site that needs to be designed.
  • Optimize Your Site for Better Search Engine Ranking
    Now, analyze your traffic. Check to see the source of your traffic. Where are your viewers coming from? Analyze all the possibilities. If you have a referral or an affiliate program, take a good look at those as well. Also, check to see what keywords bring the most traffic onto your website. When designing your site, you may incorporate factors such as search engine optimization to your less popular areas.
  • Don’t Forget to Have a Look at Images
    Check out where you need to change/remove or update images or photos. Assess your website to figure out the present requirement of images and pictures. Take a look at the images that are a year or more old. See if they need to be updated. You can also consider using new custom pictures. You can even purchase new ones according to your requirements.

Now, if you are done with the above, you should have a clear plan for your new website. Make sure to pay attention to other factors not mentioned above, like screen resolution, type of internet connection etc. Always be prepared for unannounced issues that might delay the designing process. Plan out your schedule keeping these things in mind, it will give you a safe margin.

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