Generating a Perfect Blend in Your Website Design

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The world of paper has shifted its spectrum over the internet technology and today people are looking of the web pages to find not only informatory material but also other bits and pieces as a source of inspiration. The websites are the main source, which is letting people interact with the world.

Consequently, a website should be a complete source of inspiration as well as knowledge for the visitors and only a skilled professional can make the users sit down and go through the whole web page with the help of the web design. The design must have the visual balance that will relax the viewers as well as provide them with the details they are seeking.

Techniques for Generating a Balanced Website For Online Visitors:

The last thing, a website designer wants to thrust almost all the elements in a design like a “sink full of dirty dishes”. An over clustered website or a dreary outlook of any page will repel the customers away. No one wants to look at a website and feel agitated with the images and the text, all randomly put together on a page.

Only a design, which will make the users feel comfortable, with its perfect symmetry and visual harmonization, will develop the interest of the person. In order for a website to develop, visual interests there are a number of design elements that will help the person in organizing the scale and weight of a webpage.

Composition of Web Design Elements:

There are many type of elements used for the balancing of the WebPages. With the help of these balancing elements, the design of the web pages can be harmonized. Here are some of the basic ways through which a page can completely achieve balance, including the following:

  • Horizontal balance
  • Vertical Balance
  • Radial Balance
  • Symmetrical Balance
  • Asymmetrical Balance

What is Horizontal and Vertical Balance?

A great way to develop the visual interest of the people is by balancing the central axis, horizontal or vertical.  Horizontal balance is the one in which the elements are balanced from left and right of each other.  While, vertical balance is where the elements are placed at the top to bottom of central axis.

Vertical balance is the vertically oriented version of symmetrical design. If one were to split a website along the vertical axis along the middle of the page one would find that the top and bottom halves reflect on this axis.

Understanding Radial Balance:

You can also balance the elements off the central points, instead of balancing compositional elements on a central axis. This balancing where you place elements around the central axis or you could even have elements feel like they are coming out of that central axis point.

Balancing with Symmetry and Asymmetry Techniques:

This type of balancing is a combination of horizontal, vertical and radial balancing. The symmetrical balance is a formal, as it created an effect, which is soothing for the eyes and is widely used in web designs and web grid layouts.

The Asymmetry is on the other hand a common form of balancing where elements are balanced from each other, but are not exactly positioned from each other.

Asymmetry is a more commonly used option as compared to symmetry as it is more interesting and froes not lack visual hierarchy.


As you can see, the use of balance in design can be a very powerful tool. When using symmetry, the result is one of order, cohesion, and professionalism, whereas asymmetry lends itself of interest, character, and uniqueness. It also can be used to showcase points of interest in the design. Discover the message your client is trying to achieve with their website and use these examples to relate which will work best for them.



  1. spiderscope

    April 2, 2012 at 1:40 pm

    opinion comes into design a lot though. People have a different view on the balance of things.

    Both symetry and asymetry are good its just a matter of preference.

    We tend to use symetry with our design. Check out a new design for compomotive we created..

  2. Fresno Web Design

    March 28, 2012 at 9:57 am

    Indeed internet has been the huge library of anyone with easy accessibility thru phone or laptops. It has been the source of information to many. But for others internet is not just the source of information but also a source of inspiration and web designing becomes important.

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