Four Ways To Create A Sticky Blog


Time is a precious resource that people would not definitely waste on a poorly executed blog. People don’t have time to burn but if you give them a good reason it could buy you some precious minutes of extra attention.

Providing great content is one good way of making people waste time productively. However, it does not stop with writing quality content. You need to have a good overall strategy of keeping people hooked to your blog.

Make it a True “Multimedia” Experience

There’s a good reason why blog platforms incorporate videos and images. Text and photos are not enough to capture the attention of a readership with short attention spans. Put in some audio and videos if needed. Visitors love to spend more time on websites that stimulate their senses.

Of course, plain multimedia will not get you to the top of search engines. What you can do is include a summary or description of your multimedia where you could place keywords. Highlight important points from your video and audio to convey the message better.

Show visitors what else is in there

Create a space where you can highlight your most popular posts. If previous visitors liked them, chances are, your new visitors will enjoy them as well making them linger on your site longer. Put five to ten items on your “popular posts” to encourage readers to check out other stuff that you have to offer.

This does not require a lot of work as many blog hosting sites already have this widget user-ready. A few simple clicks will get the job done. Make navigating through your website as easy as possible for your readers.

Link to previous posts in your entries

You have to be creative to keep people glued as long as possible to your site. Another way of doing this is by placing in-text links that lead to similar content whenever possible. Internal links is also a simple SEO strategy for helping search spiders crawl through your site. You could also use target keywords for your anchor text.

Avoid linking to irrelevant posts as this might make your content read like spam. This will turn readers off and they will be sure to jump to another website that can provide them with excellent content and well-placed links to relevant posts.

Link to Reputable Websites

 Don’t balk at the idea of linking to reputable websites when needed. It shows that you are serious in helping your readers get the most accurate information. This works wonders in boosting your reputation as a credible source of information. Provide off-site links if you find something that is totally helpful to readers.

Maintaining a good relationship with your readers is more important than losing a few PR juice. If you do this, readers will definitely go back to your site no matter where you lead them to. You’ll likely leave a lasting impression of having a website that does not sacrifice quality over SEO.

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