There are several Photoshop tutorials out there related to turning Photo into Pencil Sketch and no doubt they are good enough. But every photo is not same. You have to find the correct image to get start will and still it may not produce the desired outcome.

So today we are presenting a cool tutorial on how to Convert Photo into Pencil Sketch in Photoshop in just 3 simple steps (Desaturate, Invert, Apply Minimum Filter ). Here we are using Adobe Photoshop CC for this tutorial but you can use any version either its Adobe Photoshop CC or Adobe Photoshop CS6/CS5 or older, an iStockPhoto stock image of a beautiful smiling girl. You can get that from iStockPhotos here.

So, let’s begin with the tutorial.

Start with a Photo that has good resolution, that’s it. Most of the tutorials online ask for the photo having good details and edges but we don’t limit you to such restriction.

Step 1

Duplicate the original photo by pressing (Ctrl + J / Cmd + J) or by dragging into the new layer icon at the bottom. Hide the original one as it is always a good idea to keep backup of the original photo.



As we are going to convert the photo in a pencil sketch, we no longer require any colors in the photo. So, we will desaturate the image i.e. Layer 1 we just duplicated in our previous step. Press (Ctrl + Shift + U / Cmd + Shift + U), or go to Image > Adjustments > Desaturate.

convert photo into pencil sktech in Photoshop with just 3 steps-1


Step 2

Now, again we duplicate(Ctrl + J / Cmd + J) the desaturated layer and make a new copy of it and invert the image by pressing (Ctrl + I / Cmd + I). It will give you an x-ray like effect shown below.

convert photo into pencil sktech in Photoshop with just 3 steps-2

Change the Blend mode to Color Dodge. You image turns to white but need not to worry. Here’s where the magic begins.


Step 3

Go to Filter > Other > Minimum. Choose Radius to 1 and Preserve to Squareness.

The Minimum Filter has the effect of applying a choke, spreading out the black and shrinking the white.

convert photo into pencil sktech in Photoshop with just 3 steps-3


That’s it.

If you feel your image is too bright/dull, you can play with level adjustments to get sharp edges.

Here is our image with and without level adjustments.



Additionally, if you want to make your pencil sketch image into a Colored Pencil Sketch, here is where your original backup of image comes in use.

All you need is to take that layer to the top of all layers by dragging it to top, or simple pressing ( Ctrl + Shift + ] ) or ( Cmd + Shift + ] ) and change its Blend mode to Color.

convert photo into pencil sktech in Photoshop with just 3 steps-4


Final Result


We hope your like this tutorial. Share your thoughts with us.


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