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Common Web Design Mistakes Developers Make Designing a Website


Internet is flooded with millions and millions of websites, and thousands of new ones get published on daily basis. This is is due to high level of competition and success rate of online businesses. To fit in this, it is highly important that your website meet the highest enhancement level and satisfy the requirements of targeted users.

Creating a website layout can be a challenging task and requires lots of focus and skill. The basic problem is that lots of web designers oversee the interests of the users, and start developing it according to their preferences. Creativity become their priority, rather than practicality and usability. Therefore, if you are hiring professional then it is necessary to communicate your requirements of web design chester and follow up constantly to make sure you get the best outcome. In this article, we will highlight some web design mistakes or blunders that designers make while creating a website.

Most Common Mistakes

Unorganized Content

Content is a most important part of every website. It describes your business’s structure and functionality. Moreover, a website’s content is the main factor that drives traffic on the site. Therefore, it is necessary to pay close attention to the structuring and layout of the content you are planning to display on your site. As a matter of fact, users do not actually read everything present on the website, but scan through information and pick out points of interest on a web page.

The mistake that web developers make is that they totally neglect the use of headings, sub-headings, bullets, keywords etc. and put a block of texts on the web page. Apparently, users do not pay much attention to such posts and close the tab. This can also results in high bounce rate. Also, some even do not care about the theme and relevance and put inaccurate, insignificant or out-of-date content on the website.

Inconsistent Interface Design

Most of the web designers focus more on creativity and forget that they are making the website for the users and not for themselves. They start implementing different variants of designs for each web page within a website. The users can feel annoyed and confused when the web page designs are not synchronized and well linked to each other. It does not matter how attractive your website may look, unless and until it is consistent, users cannot relate to it and feel less in control. Thus, closing the tab as soon as they feel disinterested.

Poor Readability

A good interface can grab a user’s interest for once, but the user will only come back to your site or stick to it when he will find b able to grasp the information he desires. To do so, he should be able to read the text of the content clearly, without putting much strain on eyes and brain, for that matter. Some websites have bizarre font styles and sizes that make reading a pain. Thus, you should always pick the font, size and color of the text that others can find comfortable while reading.

Make sure you follow up with the above factors while designing a website yourself or through a professional web design chester. These factors will determine the success and failure rate of your website in the long run, sometimes even in short period of time!

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1 Comment

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