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In this digital age of clean and crisp lines there’s nothing better than seeing hand drawn illustrations in the design of websites and interfaces. Hand drawn doodles and sketches really help inject character and personality into a design, and give a fun and friendly appearance to the overall website. This showcase rounds up 25 inspiring examples of website design featuring super cool hand drawn illustrations, from quirky hand drawn typography to cute character doodles.

HTML5 and CSS3 have swept the web by storm in only 2 years. Before them there have been many altered semantics in the way web designers are expected to create web pages, and with their arrival come a slew of awesome supports such as alternative media, XML-style tags, and progressive input attributes for web designers to achieve dreamy features like animation.

Tips for WordPress Theme Developers

The WordPress theme development market has grown incredibly in the past few years and with so many companies and freelancers around, how do you stand out? In this post we bring you five tips on how to make your theme easier to use, avoid frustrating customers, use WordPress to the max and provide better and cleaner code for WordPress developers.

In web design, the learning never stops. Some of us designers see this as an opportunity, others as a hindrance. We have to keep up with the pace of ever-changing technology, techniques and trends in order to be competitive. In this fast-paced environment, we are bound to make mistakes—and mistakes can harm our reputation.

jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. jQuery plugins are an integral part of modern web design. jQuery plugins gives web designers a wide range of activities and opportunities to develop a wide range of variation effects to your websites. The plugins below will allow you to insert in to your website very interesting effects of Social media giants: Twitter and Facebook. If you want to create Facebook like Twitter fan page or Facebook post on Wall effect, these plugins are for you.

Awesome navigation menus are very popular in modern web designing. Not only navigation menus, but jQuery is also very popular nowadays because it is very fast and accurate JS library, which helps to simplify different difficult event handling and smooth animation. Developers are making extensive use of jQuery in every field of web design to make it versatile and sleek. Today I have collected 20 Useful jQuery Navigation Menu Tutorials. Most of them are free which will help you downloading the scripts files for free. Enjoy this handy collection.