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It’s no more a secret that the usage of mobile devices has exceeded over the desktop computers usage. In fact, the use of mobile devices has increased to a point that designers and developers can’t afford to ignore it. But, the rise in mobile usage for accessing the web has also led the webmasters to throw up their hands in annoyance. After all, it’s pretty difficult to build something for multiple devices. Besides, many people remain confused as to whether they require only a mobile website or mobile application as well?

The ever-rising demand for mobile, desktop and web applications has encouraged developers to opt for different app development technologies which can be utilized for delivering the desired final product. If you’re a developer who’s keen on developing impressive and feature-loaded JavaScript applications then the selection of the best APIs(Application Program Interfaces) is what you must keep in mind.DukeScript is one such immensely effective JavaScript API that has worked wonders for writing application logic and rendering JavaScript application within Java. In this blog, I’ll walk you through some outstanding aspects related to DukeScript, which have made it one of the leading names in the world of JavaScript application development.

Content Management System (CMS), the web-based software that allows editing, publishing, modification of content, as well as maintenance from a centralized back-end interface help create and store content in a shared repository. It also helps you manage workflow in a collaborative environment by offering facilities to track the status of content items through editorial processes and workflows.

Most of us will agree to this point that our personality speaks about us before we do. In the same way, the home page of a website acts like a mirror. It is basically a display of the products or services that a company provides. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the business people to create a website, which defines the exact purpose of your business and attracts the visitors towards it. Top 10 homepage designs 2014

People who enjoy playing video games can make a great deal of money from developing them. Although you cannot develop your own game without having some basic skills, you will be pleased to find out that gaming is still a booming industry that can make you rich overnight. The good news is that specialists agree this industry will continue to grow  in the following years, meaning that you have all the time you need to become famous, earn money and even retire someplace nice.

A packet sniffer is a program that intercepts and logs traffic occurring over a digital network. A packet sniffer is also called a packet analyzer or sometimes an Ethernet sniffer. Companies and self-employed individuals may find a packet sniffer quite useful if security is a major issue on a day to day basis. A packet sniffer feature is one of the main reasons why VPN hosting is so advantageous.

Websites are one of the most important ingredients for the success of modern businesses. Due to various reasons, the cost of making websites growing each and every day and that is why the efforts are on to find ways for developing websites on a tight budget. These ways can be good and dependable for the upcoming business owners who are preparing to launch their business globally.

A web site is basically a platform for advertising and promoting a business without putting much investment to it. Some people also use it to communicate important information or to impart knowledge on various subject to people around the world. Henceforth, it is very important to create website that is able to attract the right target audience. A web design plays a significant role in this aspect. It can literally make or break the purpose of the website.

If you want to start learning web design and web development any time soon, you can start from these high quality resources.It can be difficult pinpointing exactly what you want to learn. Beyond straight HTML/CSS there is jQuery for frontend animation, PHP/RoR for backend web apps, and even Java/Objective-C for mobile apps. With this collection you should be able to track down a few tutorials in whatever topic catches your interest. Most of the sites have been around for a while, have accumulated numerous tutorials on various topics on HTML/CSS, Photoshop, PHP/MySQL, Javascript/jQuery/AJAX and Flash. Start learning or polishing off your design skills right now 🙂