The web is going mobile and it is going faster than anyone can think. Majority of the bloggers are now using their iPhone or similar style phones to jot down ideas, write entire posts, stay connected and so much more. In this showcase we will be highlighting some of the most essential iPhone Apps for bloggers.

Everyone is loading app after app in hopes of achieving the best combination of functions and services to suit their lifestyles. While no one but you can determine what is best for you, often, the most useful apps are that provide best information, so here list of the 8 most useful apps for every iPhone.

Apps for Information

1. The Weather Channel

The Eight Most Useful Apps for Every iPhone

The Weather Channel app provides much more detailed information, current conditions and more accurate predictions for any location in the country. Whether you want to know whether it will rain tonight in San Francisco or if it’ll be sunny for the backyard barbeque in Albuquerque tomorrow or whether you’ll roast in today’s high in your town, the Weather Channel app will give you accurate forecasts and conditions through the next 36 hours. Are storms headed your way? What are the current weather alerts? This app will tell you that and a whole lot more.

2. Word Lens

The Eight Most Useful Apps for Every iPhone

Don’t know what that foreign language sign means? Point the app at the sign, and the translation’s right there. While some are a little rough, depending on idioms and colloquialisms used, you’ll definitely get the idea with Word Lens.

3. Yelp

The Eight Most Useful Apps for Every iPhone

Have no idea what to eat in your own town or someone else’s? Yelp will find local restaurants for you based on availability, menu, price and proximity. Yelp even provides user reviews to help you make up your mind. If it’s not food you want, Yelp will also help you find gas stations, banks, drugstores and more.

4. Around Me

The Eight Most Useful Apps for Every iPhone

A reasonable alternative or complement to Yelp, Around Me shows you nearby businesses or buildings by type. Around Me may not have the same depth of information, but with this one, you can also find hospitals and ATMs, and it can map a route for you, which eliminates the possibility of needing another app or calling a displayed number.

5. WiFi Finder

The Eight Most Useful Apps for Every iPhone

This app does exactly what its name implies: It will find the free or paid WiFi hotspots near you. You probably know of the WiFi spots in your neighborhood, but what about when you’re across town or out-of-town? WiFi Finder solves that problem in a touch or two. Save your bandwidth plan for your smartphone and use someone else’s WiFi instead. You’ll know precisely where to find it.

What’s especially cool about all five of these apps is that they are all free!

Apps for Productivity

6. Evernote

The Eight Most Useful Apps for Every iPhone

Keep yourself organized and on track. Never miss appointments, deadlines or packing lists or other To-Do or wish lists. Snapshots, voice memos or recordings as well as written notes are only a few of the capabilities of Evernote. This app has a high reputation as a productivity app for a reason.

7. AirToDo

The Eight Most Useful Apps for Every iPhone

The first paid app on the list, Air To-Do’s $ 1.99 price tag is very affordable. This app’s advantage over Evernote is that it’s an interactive app: You can check off individual items on your lists to avoid confusion or memory lapses.

8. Mind Your Business

The Eight Most Useful Apps for Every iPhone

Targeted for the business person on the go, Mind Your Business provides full access to client data files, appointments, revenue files, services lists—including the ability to add services, prices and descriptions of inventory or services and add personal notes on each entry. Mind Your Business keeps track of your business when you’re in or out of the office. Always know, always be current no matter where you are.

Any new and noteworthy apps that’s worth mentioning here? List it on our comments below!



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