As you probably know already, iPhones and iPads sell really well and there are hundreds of thousands of apps out there. Basically there’s an app for everything! With all of this competition, the people behind the apps have to work to sell what they’re offering. This means having a cool icon, a smooth-running website that makes us want to download/buy the app.

We’ve put together this list of 30+ websites that we think do pretty well at marketing their apps in a good way. These websites have great yet simple designs and an overall good look.

Iris App

Sipp Wine Lover’s App



Sparrow for iPhone


Procreate by Savage Interactive

Stocks Finance App

Easy Chef App

Cutest Paw

Barista App

Showcase App

The Hit List

Saver for iPhone


Know What App

Wedding Planner for iPad

Cherish App


Zootool for iPhone

Grades App

Notica Broadcast


Let’s Talk App

Facecard iPhone App

Delibar iPhone App

Friends by Taptivate

Lighty Flashlight App

Newsprint App

Tourist by Tapmonkeys


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